Secret Sister Exchange!

What’s better than a TIU pen-pal?! Let’s keep up the #friskyfall love and spirit throughout the next 8 weeks by exchanging motivational mail with our TIU sisters.




  • What is motivational mail?

Anything that reminds you of what TIU embodies; share, love, inspire, sweat. Think goodies along those lines!

  • How this works:

Elfster will automatically pair us up anonymously, so we won’t know who our secret sister is until we receive our boxes! Addresses are kept private only to sender.

Want to sign up?

USA #tiusisters SIGN UP HERE!

INTERNATIONAL #tiusisters sign up HERE!

*Due to extremely high shipping costs from the USA to Canada + Internationally, there have been two exchanges created; one for US residents only, and one for anyone residing outside of the. If someone wants to take over to manage the International exchange, please let me know! I set up the exchange, but you girls can make the call if you want to divide by countries or keep it open to anywhere outside of the US. I’m not familiar with shipping outside of the US to be of assistance.


so I can double check you’ve correctly joined into our exchange website via Elfster!


47 Comments on “Secret Sister Exchange!”

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    • Hiii! You can be added as a latecomer and get partnered with someone now 🙂 or the next round will be during the next 8 week challenge! Click the link on the first post here and you can sign up!

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    • Hi, Jen!! Once you sign up you’ll get a link to the Elfster exchange page – since I get a lot of spam email, the easiest way to reach me about it would be on the Elfster page through a message or comment on the page’s wall. Otherwise as a backup my email is or my Insta is @tiu_shelley XOXOXO


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