5-Ingredient Italian Stir Fry

Hi, I’m Shelley, remember me? I’m the mama behind Seashells and Sit Ups, whose blog has been collecting dust bunnies and chirping crickets over the past month…

I’ve settled into my new house in Leucadia with Tanner, and with fresh fall produce filling the local farmer’s market stands, my kitchen is ready and waiting to be filled with new recipes. As is my blog 🙂 Thanks for bearing with me on my sight hiatus, and I’m pinky promising to never leave you stranded for a month again.

If you’re like me, week day evenings are exhausting. Oh wait, I have a toddler so every day is exhausting…but growing up, I remember my mom always looking for quick meals to whip up for dinner since she was on her feet all day as a nurse, and didn’t want to spend all night slaving away in the kitchen (who does?) This isn’t 1950.

Yesterday I went to a local Carlsbad farmer’s market and picked up a few produce staples always found in my house – zucchini, broccoli, lettuce, and my favorite seasonal fruits. I LOVE zucchini, and pairing it with a zesty tomato sauce is one of my favorite ways to eat it. When my sister called today wanting help turning lasagna into a clean-eating approved dish, {and after helping verbally cook it with her}, I was craving a light Italian plate too. Yes, I’m crazy for making something hot and spicy when it’s 90 at 8pm and we don’t have AC… But thanks to the market {and you, Feldy, for asking about my blog and reminding me I left it stranded and homeless about a month ago} I had my fresh veggies on hand, calling my name from the fridge. This week I’ve been moving, so have boxes upon boxes all over my house, but one thing I did manage to unpack were my pantry items. Sitting there on the shelf was my favorite marinara, spicy organic Italian. SO GOOD. Go buy a spicy tomato sauce right meow if you like a little kick and haven’t tried one. Now let’s get to the good stuff…this little gem of a dinner…

Basic prep ✔️ Quick cook time ✔️ Minimal ingredients ✔️ Clean eating ✔️ Toddler friendly ✔️ GF, Dairy Free ✔️ Pairs well with wine ✔️ If that’s not a winning combo for a weeknight dinner that’s filling, healthy, and delish…I don’t know what is.  

5-Ingredient Italian Stir Fry

{obviously the first dinner made in my new house that’s one block from the ocean had to be served in a surfboard dish 🏄🏼 would you expect anything less from me?! 😽😹}  


  • 1 Organic Bell Pepper, color of choice (I used red)
  • 1 Organic Zucchini
  • 1 Organic Head of Broccoli
  • 1 Pound Extra Lean Organic, All-Natural, Hormone Free, Cage Free Ground Turkey
  • 1 cup Spicy Marinara Sauce


  1. In medium sized frying pan, begin to cook ground turkey, cooking until fully browned 
  2. Wash and slice all veggies
  3. In a second medium sized frying pan, add veggies and cook on medium heat until aldente 
  4. When meat is fully cooked, add cup of tomato sauce
  5. Add sautéed veggies to meat/sauce pan and toss everything together…seriously – that’s it!
  6. Optional: top with shaved Parmesan cheese 
  7. Serve and enjoy!

BONUS: My sister has a winning recipe with a lasagna take on this – keep an eye out for it!

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