UPDATE: Secret Sister Exchange

Hi, girls! Please note the updates posted on the Elfster site in regards to the TIU Secret Sister Care Package exchange…

Due to extremely high shipping costs, two separate gift exchanges have been created; one for USA residents and another for anyone residing outside of the US. I’m looking for an international TIU sister to take over managing the international exchange. I’ve set up the exchange itself, but it will be up to you girls if you want to exchange internationally within each other’s countries, or divide by countries. I’m sorry, I’m not aware of your shipping costs so cannot be of assistance.

Please note the updated links to both gift exchanges can be found here:

USA #tiusisters SIGN UP HERE! 


INTERNATIONAL #tiusisters sign up HERE!


I’m so sorry we all can’t participate in the same exchange with magic carrier pigeons that would fly all our boxes around for free 😉

If you’re an international TIU sista who’s already signed up in the original exchange board, that has now been updated to solely US girls. Please remove yourselves by adding yourselves to the International exchange here. So sorry for the inconvenience! Such a bummer shipping internationally is so outrageous!




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