Hiiiii from beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where I’ve been visiting my sister with my mom & T the past week! Sorry my blog has been collecting dust; we’ve been unplugged from most of social media to enjoy our girls’ ski trip! I’m… Read More

Moonlight Beach Surfing Madonna 5k\10k Race

Calling all #NorthCountySanDiego beach babes!!! I know it seems light years’ away, but mark your calendars for a fall #tiumeetup in #encinitas for the #surfingmadonna #5k #10k at #moonlightbeach! The team behind the race was kind enough to give us a special… Read More

Toddler Meal Planner

Lately I’ve been having a tough enough time coming up for new meal ideas for myself, but add a toddler into the mix, and I find myself opening and shutting the fridge one hundred times, magically waiting for something new to appear… Read More

Roasted Butternut Squash Tots

Okay, let me start by saying I don’t know how I’ve never tried roasting butternut squash before. I actually had never cooked squash besides zucchini at all until this year. Thanks to stumbling upon Seasonally Jane a few months ago, and our… Read More

LYB Series Week 2 Meal & Fitness Tracker

Holy cow! It’s already week 2?! Wasn’t it just Christmas?! I’m so proud of everyone’s amazing start to the LYB Series! Seriously this community gives me the constant warm & fuzzies. The next 5 weeks will continue to be an honor to… Read More

Winter Creamsicle Smoothie

There are few things these days I love more than smoothies. Especially using my shiny new toy, the Ninja Pro 1500, that Santa, aka my mom & dad, brought me down the chimney. OH MY GOSH this gadget is a smoothie lover’s… Read More

200 by Valentine’s Day Tracker

And finally, the missing link to all the trackers; one for you incredible long distance runners – 200! Download your high res printable below 💗💕 See all other trackers [100, 125, 150] in my previous post xoxo

Fitmas Frenzy

Hiii from sunny South Florida! We’re staying at my sister-in-law’s this week as we’re spending Christmas here this year with my husband’s family, and this morning I woke up ready to shake things up from my #7daysofFitmas. I was outside on the… Read More

100 + 125 + 150 by Valentine’s Day Mileage Trackers

With Christmas sneaking up on us, it’s time to get back on track during Tone it Up’s Love your Body series starting Jan 1! With that, comes another #100by______ challenge (they haven’t released their official hashtag yet, so for now, I’m going… Read More

Week 2 of the #7daysofFitmas

Here is week two’s schedule of the 7 days of Fitmas! Can’t want to have you jump in! Today is day 7 of our first series and it was awesome! Thanks so much to everyone who joined; loved seeing all your check-ins!… Read More