Winter Creamsicle Smoothie

There are few things these days I love more than smoothies. Especially using my shiny new toy, the Ninja Pro 1500, that Santa, aka my mom & dad, brought me down the chimney. OH MY GOSH this gadget is a smoothie lover’s version of heaven!! It makes them creamy, thick or thin, chunk-less, and PERFECT. I’ve been using it multiple times a day since opening it, and can’t stay away! My little Tanner is obsessed with smoothies too, so I’ve been having way too much fun making us smoothie after smoothie!

Growing up in Northern California I’m absolutely obsessed with tangerines, as they’re locally grown and harvested and available all winter 🍊❄️ at local farmstands. This is one of my favorite ways to incorporate them into post-workout fuel or as an afternoon recharge that keeps me full until dinner [and out of the candy bowl].


If dairy free, leave out the Greek yogurt. You can sub with an additional 1/2 frozen banana, or just leave out completely.

I encourage you to also add 1 cup fresh kale or spinach [1/3 cup of frozen] to sneak in your greens! 🍃🌱🌿

I love this recipe because I always have all these ingredients on hand, and it’s a nice switch-up from mixed berry smoothies.

If you can’t find tangerines locally, use an orange. I use vanilla Perfect Fit protein as my protein powder, because it’s the cleanest I’ve found so far being a breastfeeding mama.

When I run out of frozen pineapple and mango, I still make this and it tastes just as yummy, but this is my favorite way to make a healthy creamsicle treat! 🍊💗🍊💗

Enjoy, and I’d love to hear what you think!! If you make it, I’d love to see! Use the hashtag #wintercreamsicleamoothie so I can find you!


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