100 + 125 + 150 by Valentine’s Day Mileage Trackers

With Christmas sneaking up on us, it’s time to get back on track during Tone it Up’s Love your Body series starting Jan 1! With that, comes another #100by______ challenge (they haven’t released their official hashtag yet, so for now, I’m going for 100 by Valentine’s Day. That’s exactly six weeks from January 1, so seems perfect to me!

Shelby and I are also hosting an amazing additional challenge, #TIUTumsandGuns. We are SO excited for you to join! Our 30-day arms + and calendar will be released after Christmas, so be sure to stay tuned!

For now, enjoy these trackers once Christmas has come and gone. A 200 tracker is coming soon!

Please download and print to enjoy for yourself! All I ask is if you repost, please don’t crop out or take away credit. I do everything I do to give back to the TIU Community but someone edited my last one covering my name with Tone It Up and it hurt my feelings after these take time and energy and sprinkles of love! Xo




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