Hiiiii from beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where I’ve been visiting my sister with my mom & T the past week! Sorry my blog has been collecting dust; we’ve been unplugged from most of social media to enjoy our girls’ ski trip!

I’m currently blogging from an HP laptop from what feels like the stone-age, and using a PC with Microsoft Word from 2007 (seriously) with no calendar layouts, soooooo I’ll 110% be updating this when I get back to San Diego with my precious, beloved MAC and favorite fonts and programs. I didn’t want to bring my laptop with me, because traveling with a toddler I already have to lug around everything but my kitchen sink, so I apologize for the boring formatting with lame fonts and layout glitches….I pinky swear it will be updated next week, and this challenge will also have its own tab created like where you see Rumps & Stumps and Tums & Guns. For now, at least you can get an idea of what lies ahead this month!

I’m super exhausted from skiing so will write a proper blog post with all details by the end of the week! Stay tuned and welcome to this month’s HIIT + cardio + mystery WODs + full-body toning challenge hosted by Shelby & I!

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 10.04.01 AMDownload this month’s full body + HIIT + mystery WOD challenge HERE!





  1. Will you be posting a video to demonstrate some of the moves? Still uncertain on a few of them. I’ve googled but I’m getting a variety of moves. Please help. Thank you.

    IG. @kstaarmom7_tiu


  2. I’ve been trying to download the calendar and can’t seem to get it to open. when are you gonna get the new calendar up?

    thank you for being a great inspiration btw.

    Liz Phillips


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