Moonlight Beach Surfing Madonna 5k\10k Race


Calling all #NorthCountySanDiego beach babes!!! I know it seems light years’ away, but mark your calendars for a fall #tiumeetup in #encinitas for the #surfingmadonna #5k #10k at #moonlightbeach! The team behind the race was kind enough to give us a special 50% off offer expiring Tuesday, FEB 24th – use the code “FITGIRLS” and slash your registration in HALF 🎊🎉💰💸!!

Races can be pricey, but who can beat 50% off?! Sign up under Team Sea Shells 🐚🐌👯 PS – the metal is SO CUTE! PPS – This was by far the BEST 5k I’ve ever taken part in; and so much fun on the beach at low tide! Tanner and I made it in the stroller the whole way with @racheljo_tiu & the massive turnout and ambiance is unparalleled in the 5k\10k world 🙌🌊💕

Mark your calendar, go sign up, and don’t miss out on the best 5k\10k in North County 😘

Sign up here —->

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