Week 2 of the #7daysofFitmas

Here is week two’s schedule of the 7 days of Fitmas! Can’t want to have you jump in! Today is day 7 of our first series and it was awesome! Thanks so much to everyone who joined; loved seeing all your check-ins!


Remember it is ALWAYS okay to modify; break moves up in half or in thirds and just repeat the cycle 2-3 times. Take breaks when needed, and remember slow and steady wins the race!

Repeat moves just like you would repeat the “12 Days of Christmas” song; so for example, day 3….perform day 3’s moves, then day 2’s then the first day. The day’s number (ie: 4) always matches the number of moves (ie: day 4 has 4 movements).

HAPPY #7daysofFitmas!!! Don’t forget to use that hashtag with Instagram check-ins & tag me, @tiu_shelley !

Happy Sunday and have a wonderful week! Hope it’s as bright as your holiday season.


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