Fall Makeup Favs

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Yesterday my sister & I went on a mini makeover shopping adventure, because a few months ago I packed up most my pregnancy and postpartum clothes..AHH! Felt UH-mazing. Now that the last few pounds have finally been shed, it was time to do another closet revamp, and I was left with almost nothing fall-ish that fit anymore. A couple pairs of old jeans from college and leggings were pretty much it. Half of my closest is literally tank tops, because any breastfeeding mama knows you need a zillion to survive. I’ve jumped around a bit since I graduated college so my wardrobe has become an eclectic grab-bag assortment from ever-changing climates. Upon graduating college, I moved from Chico, California to Park City, Utah. After a year of snow-bunny living I moved to Pacific Beach, San Diego, then South Florida, and now back to San Diego, where I’ve never been happier!

Fall is my favorite.

I haven’t needed anything for fall/winter weather in ages, because we lived in Florida the last four and a half years. Fall has always been my absolute FAVORITE season, and what I always missed most living in the tropics, where there is one season all year long – summer. I am over the moon ecstatic to be able to wear sweaters and boots while sipping on warm teas and lattes…ahhh I want to build a fire just thinking about it, even though it’s in the low 60s as a write this 😉

Feel refreshed, trendy, and cute.

When I was getting dressed today I couldn’t wait to test out the new makeup I got yesterday from MAC – a bold lip color and a new blush. I absolutely despise buying new blush because I have the world’s most sensitive skin ever and new kinds always make me break out in little weird white bumps all over my cheeks. But my old blush was MAC, so what a perfect excuse to shop there again! There is nothing better than a good shopping spree to make you feel refreshed, trendy, and cute! With a few new outfits and two new makeup staples, hellooooo fall!


As I was applying my lipstick and blush this morning, I was excited to create a blog post about my makeup favs to share, because I am a stickler on products and their quality and what they do to my skin. In the future I do hope to green-up my makeup, however, because most these products are rated a 7/10 on the Think Dirty app (an app that educates consumers on the cosmetics industry’s products and their ingredients; view how it works here)….YIKES. Being green and healthy is really important to me, so I would like to swap the “dirty” rated products to cleaner options soon. But, until then, this dark-circled-sleepy-headed-mama relies on her trusty favorites listed below (in the order in which I apply them!):


  • Tarte’s “Clean Slate Flawless 12-Hour Brightening Primer
  • How I use this: Put a pea-sized amount on my palms and apply directly to face with fingers. Put on after you apply your daily face moisturizer.
  • Why I love this: Originally I bought in to the Tarte saleswoman’s up-sell gimmick, but turns out it wasn’t a gimmick at all, and I LOVE this primer. I had tried a couple others previously and they were heavy, stunk, made me breakout, and didn’t impact the wear of my makeup. This primer is light, smells so fresh and clean, and makes your makeup last all day…seriously! It keeps your face from getting gross and shiny and protects your skin from applying the foundation directly to your face. Doesn’t make me break out and doesn’t clog my pores!
  • Price: $30

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  • Tart’s “Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation with SPF 15
  • How I use this: After primer, I streak a few lines directly from the bottle on my forehead, my cheeks, and my chin. Then I use my Tarte foundation brush to blend evenly all over my face.
  • Why I love this: It is the PERFECT shade for my face. You know how long it took me to find that?! It’s the exactly mix of yellow and pink hues for my skin tone. But that’s not even my favorite part!! When we were living in Florida I was finding my old foundation was leaving my face really shiny because of the humidity. By the time I finished my half hour commute to work, my face was gross and slimy! Que. the angelic music – this foundation has powder BUILT.IN. So as soon as it dries, it leaves a matte powder finish! Even with oily skin this foundation last ALL DAY LONG. Seriously….as a busy mom who never has time to re-apply makeup if going from a workout to lunch or dinner, this baby is my miracle worker!
  • Price: $38

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 7.30.16 PM


  • Tarte’s “Maracuja Creaseless Concealer”
  • How I use this: Dab a pen-tip sized dot under each eye (seriously, a little goes a really long way!) Use finger to dab and spread a light layer evenly under each eye, covering dark circles! If they’re super dark, add another layer after first layer sets.
  • Why I love this: It WORKS! Makes my eyes look bright andr refreshed, even when Tanner was a newborn and I was a walking mombie (mom-zombie). It’s light, airy, and this tiny bottle lasts forever because a little dab goes such a long way!! Only con….I don’t find this to truly be “creaseless”. However, the pros absolutely outweigh that con, and it’s creaseless as long as I put eyeshadow over it. Like I mentioned earlier, even if I’m going for a natural, day time “mom” or gym look, I just use a quick layer of skin-toned shadow overtop.
  • Price: $24

 Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 7.44.33 PM


  • Tarte’s “The Buffer Airbrush Bamboo Foundation Brush”
  • How I use this: To evenly coat my face with my Tarte foundation. I blend all the streaks I paint on to my face evenly all over. Blend under your jawline as well to match your neck. No cakey Umpa Lumpa faces allowed!
  • Why I love this: It’s the BEST size! Fluffy, not to small but not too large. It’s super soft on your skin, and doesn’t absorb all your makeup before it gets on your face. Don’t you hate that?! I had some other brushes that would suck up all my foundation, and I’d literally have to use like three coats because the brush ate it all!
  • Price: $32

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 7.32.35 PMIMG_4188


  • Urban Decay’s Naked Basics Pallet
  • How I use them: On busy days I only use the second and third colors (light yellow and light pink) on my eyelids and dab a little of the first shade (white) in the corner of my eye (corner closest to my nose). If I’m going for a nighttime look, I’ll use the same colors as a base, then shade the corners with the light tan, then brown, and use the black as a liner for a cat eye. I wet my liner shadow brush, then use the black for an eyeliner; it doesn’t flake and looks amazing! You can do double or triple coats of the black for a bold look that lasts all night. Sometimes I’ll mix the two shades of brown and use them to fill in my eyebrows, too. So this tiny little pallet is truly so versatile!
  • Why I love this: This case is tiny! Approx. 1 1/2″ x 3″, so it’s perfect for everyday use AND for traveling! You get all the basic colors that look great with any outfit, for any occasion, without having to lug around their larger pallets for basic use or when packing for a trip and trying to minimize luggage. Also sometimes the Tarte under eye cream leaves creases if no shadow goes on top of it, so I love the mix of yellow+pink because it matches my skin tone and looks like nothing, so is perfect when I go for the au-natural look with no other shadow/liner. Also a perfect stocking stuffer gift!
  • Price: $29

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 7.34.31 PM Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 7.35.40 PM


  • MAC Powder Blush in Melba
  • How I use this: Apply to cheeks with a blush brush after my foundation has set
  • Why I love this: It’s the PERFECT shade of peach, and doesn’t have glimmer so looks great for day or night; it’s natural, pretty, and leaves your cheeks with a sun kissed glow. I’ve been searching for a fun peach shade forever now, and this one is IT!
  • Price: $22



  • Maybeline’s Lash Stiletto, Very Black
  • How I use this: Apply about 3-4 strokes on bottom and top of lashes after applying eye shadow & liner
  • Why I love this: It’s from Target, so it’s inexpensive and I don’t have to order online or go to the mall/speciality beauty store to buy it! I’m super picky when it comes to mascara because I think lashes that look like furry tarantulas are just as disgusting as the spiders themselves. I don’t have to use a curler for my lashes, and this mascara doesn’t flake or get clumpy. BEWARE – I buy the regular, washable brand. I have tried the waterproof and hate it! It doesn’t wash off at night when you’re washing your face, and goes on SUPER clumpy. Unless you realllyyyyy need waterproof for a reason, buyer beware. I use this when I’m a bridesmaid, and never have issues, buttttt I’m also not a super emotional person so don’t have to worry about tear streaks all down my face on a regular basis.
  • Price: $8.95



  • MAC’s Flat Out Fabulous, Matte
  • How I use this: Apply directly to dry lips after you finish the rest of your makeup
  • Why I love this: I mean, how pretty is this color?!?! It’s such a nice change from red, and the perfect day or night shade. It’s lighter than the trending dark maroon shades, so looks super cute as a pop during the day with a basic outfit.
  • Price: $16



What I love most about all this makeup, is it lasts me FOREVER. All Tarte products easily last me nearly six months! I’ve had my MAC blush for over two years!! And the eyeshadow pallet is from 2 Christmases ago, and I use it everyday. I have to get a new mascara tube every 2-3 months, but everything else lasts SOOO LONG! So, for under $200, I’d say that’s a beauty steal, and totally worth it!

Total price of products: 


Finished look:


“People will stare. Make it worth their while.”

-Harry Winston

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 7.53.55 PM

From my face to yours, enjoy!

Do you use any of these in your daily beauty routine? What are your favorite makeup products?




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