Dark Chocolate Black Bean Brownies (seriously)



Ever met a chocolate recipe you don’t like? Yeah, me either. So when Fitfluential shared this gluten + grain free dark chocolate BLACK BEAN brownie recipe, I thought…ummm, sayyyy waaaaa?! Mind you, I’ve made blondies from garbanzo beans, so there aren’t many desserts I question these days.

Now, I’ve heard of this black bean brownie phenomenon, but all the recipes I’ve tried, or my friends have shared have tasted like straight up cardboard. Like, what a waste of chocolate!! Precious precious chocolate!

So, that being said, I’m thrilled to share this Dark Chocolate Black Bean Brownie recipe by Fitfluential featuring S&W Beans, which you can find here.


“When you stock your pantry with canned black beans from S&W, remember that this amazing food is more versatile than you think. Not only are canned black beans perfect for saladstacos, nachos, soups, slow cooker dishes like chili, but the beans add a dense, moist texture to these chocolaty fudgey brownies.” -Fitfluential

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