35 Simple Ways to Practice Self Care :

1. Go for a walk; Listen to the sounds around you; hear the birds, the ocean, the wind through the trees…find solace in nature. 

2. Start a new book

3. Get a mani / pedi

4. Meditate or listen to a hypnosis [never while driving]

5. Take a warm bath

6. Enjoy a spot of tea

7. Snuggle with a puppy, a kitty, your little(s), or your partner

8. Catch up with a friend

9. Order your favorite take-out and eat it in sweats

10. Be financially responsible; begin to pay off debt and get your finances in order

11. Pamper yourself with a detox mask or foot scrub

12. Dry brush

13. Go to a yoga class or your favorite fitness class

14. Try something new

15. Try a new recipe

16. Bake cookies

17. Take a photo in nature

18. Print your favorite photos and hang the around your house

19. Light a candle

20. Organize your pantry, your closet, or your kids’ toy bin(s)

21. U N P L U G for a few hours or a weekend

22. Plan a staycation or a vacation

23. Start a saving’s account

24. Journal every night about your day and what you’re grateful for

25. Drink more water

26. Listen to your favorite music

27. Focus on your breathing throughout the day

28. Improve your posture

29. Start a list of things you want to accomplish the next day, week, month

30. Create a vision board

31. Enjoy some quiet time doing “nothing”

32. Go get ice cream or fro yo with all your favorite toppings

33. Start a blog, or read through your favorite ones

34. Commit to a fitness routine, no matter how “small” it may be

35. Connect with people or things that make you smile, laugh, and feel whole
photo: Briana Lindsay (@briana_lindsay) 

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