Spritzers are the New Black

Last night we celebrated my sister-in-law and her husband tying the knot in the most gorgeous, romantic, traditional wedding ever. Being a wedding coordinator, I feel like I’ve seen it all, but with each new wedding I work or attend, there are always special touches that make each unique. The details that stood out to me this wedding were everywhere!


I absolutely LOVED the cocktail hour setting. The reception was held at the Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach & Spa Resort, and the cocktail hour was on the rooftop terrace, where the most gorgeous, vivid sunset appeared out of nowhere and created the perfect backdrop for the bride & groom to take pictures. I also loved their guest book; they asked everyone to leave well wishes as well as an adventure, that they promised to complete in their lifetime. How adorable is that?! I also had the best wedding food I’ve ever had – a juicy, perfectly cooked steak. SO.GOOD.


Drink like a TIU girl.

Anyway, back to the origin of this post….drinking like a proper TIU girl. Being a breastfeeding mom, I can only have one glass when out, and not being a huge drinker anyway, that’s totally fine with me. Luckily, I just don’t really like the taste of alcohol anyway; not wine, liquor, or beer. I love a good marg and a good glass of champs, though, so those are my weaknesses.

Save Calories + Save a Hangover

Cocktail hour didn’t have champagne, so I was left to be creative. I had a baby sitter, my friend Jackie, watching Tanner for a few hours so I could enjoy myself and feel like a pretty little independent human for the night, so I deserved a drink! So what’s a TIU girl to do to save calories and save a hangover? (Or in this case be breastfeeding aware – I don’t pump and dump; that milk is gold!)

Here’s my trick…


Photo credit – NY Times, 2014.

I order a half glass of wine (they had a rosé white Zin, so this was my choice because I don’t really like red or white & prefer the sweeter taste) and top the glass off with sparkling water and ice (if you’re somewhere chilly you obviously don’t need ice, but this is South FL and you need all the help you can get chilling anything). Being a champs girl anyway, I love the bubbly effect this creates, and you can still enjoy your night with a fun drink – with HALF the cals, and half the guilt 😉

Spritzers are the new black!

Don’t let too many drinks dull your sparkle the morning after. Drink well, be well! Congrats, Jena & Brian! Thank you for a wonderful evening!



IMG_1991-0.JPG 💗💗💗

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