100 + 155 + 200 by Christmas Trackers

@TIU_SHELLEY TIU #100bychristmas

@TIU_SHELLEY TIU #100bychristmas

@TIU_SHELLEY TIU #155bychristmas

@TIU_SHELLEY TIU #155bychristmas

@TIU_SHELLEY TIU #200bychristmas

@TIU_SHELLEY TIU #200bychristmas

Hi, babes! Hope this helps keep you accountable for your miles this #holidayhunny season! So excited to begin another beautiful journey with you all!



I use different apps to make all my fun little TIU goodies, so the resolution quality isn’t always the best.

To help with that, shrink your printer page percentage to 80% and set to “best quality.” Here’s an example of how the settings look on my end after I click print –

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 8.20.38 AM

Cheers to a beautiful holiday season INSIDE & OUT!


3 Comments on “100 + 155 + 200 by Christmas Trackers”

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  2. Thank you for making! I am excited to join the 100 by Christmas challenge as my first challenge ever! Do you have recommendations on what type of app to use to “check off” each mile? Thanks 🙂


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