Holiday Hunny TIU “Off-Season” Week 1 Weekly Tracker

Gooood morning, beach babes!


I was so thrilled to see all the interest from you all to have me keep making these weekly trackers after K&K upload their calendar on Sundays. It’s amazing how much one little ‘ol spreadsheet helps me SO MUCH, and it absolutely warms my heart that what works for me and keeps me accountable is working so well for others. This is what the TIU Community is all about after all; SHARE. LOVE. INSPIRE. SWEAT. This little gem sure embodies all of that and more! So thank YOU all so much for keeping me sharing, loving, inspiring, and sweating!


With that, here is your download for our first week post frisky fall!


DOWNLOAD your challenge week 1 “off season” tracker HERE:

TIU Planner Week 1 Holiday @TIU_SHELLEY

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 6.30.59 AM

You can also DOWNLOAD a blank version HERE:


Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 6.44.16 AM


I’m calling this TIU “off-season” since it’s not an organized 8-week challenge like Bikini Series, Frisky Fall, or Love your Body. So this tracker is titled Week 1, since there are almost exactly 8 weeks until Christmas. I love that K&K still gave us the accountability hashtag, #holidayhunny, and we’re keeping our accountability subgroup hashtag, #tiuseashells + adding an extra holiday accountability check-in hashtag with it, #falalalaTIU.


#tiuseashells #falalalaTIU #holidayhunny


Can’t wait to see your check-ins! Upload and tag me when you download your calendar, because I would LOVE to hear how it’s working for you, how it’s keeping you accountable, and how it’s helping you overall! and don’t forget to use your mini accountability sub-group hashtags so we can see! #tiuseashells #falalalaTIU



Sending so much love to you all this morning! Hope you have the best week ever!






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