Hiii TIU beach babes! Blue Paddle SUP and I have a very special, fun meet up planned for you!! Two weekends during the month of May, we’re PADDLEBOARDING!!   Blue Paddle SUP private group lessons are normally $45, but Maggie is giving our… Read More

Breakfast Snickerdoodle Cookies + Protein Frosting

Oh.My.Gosh. I think my life was changed this morning when I accidentally made my pancakes into “cookies” and threw together the most incredible “frosting” like, ever – with only 4 ingredients! Since saying goodbye to protein powders, I wanted to pack the… Read More

Tums & Guns and LYB Week THREE!

WOAH! This week is week 3?! Seriously?! That means we’re already almost half way through the #tiuTUMSandGUNS challenge AND TIU’s Love your Body series! Time to get serious and buckle down to fully commit to the rest of the month, the challenge,… Read More

Tums & Guns 30-Day Challenge Movements

Hiiiiii to all our beautiful arm + ab challengers joining the Tums & Guns 30-day series!!     Shelby & I taped each & every movement for you so you can follow along our calendar with ease & the knowledge of what… Read More

TIU #HolidayHunny Week 2 Spreadsheet

Wow, is anyone else completely in awe that it’s already the second week of November?! AH!!! With a new week upon us, comes a new TIU weekly schedule & my updated weekly spreadsheet! This week’s schedule only had PM Challenges listed for Friday… Read More

The Life of a “Single” TIU Mama

So I say “single” because all of you know I’m married, but my better half is a traveling salesman, so it’s just Tanner & I most of the time. It’s one of those odd dynamics that thankfully works for us, because Kyle… Read More

Holiday Hunny TIU “Off-Season” Week 1 Weekly Tracker

Gooood morning, beach babes!   I was so thrilled to see all the interest from you all to have me keep making these weekly trackers after K&K upload their calendar on Sundays. It’s amazing how much one little ‘ol spreadsheet helps me SO… Read More

Surfing Madonna 5k/10k

Leaving footprints in the sand… Yesterday was one of the best fitness-related afternoons I’ve had since we moved here in February. It was a BEAUTIFUL day with temps in the high 70s, a perfect ocean breeze, and time for the Surfing Madonna Run! http://surfingmadonnarun.org… Read More

Glitter, Pumpkins, & Painting…Oh Yes!

“Wait, so none of you actually even know each other in ‘real life’”?! said my husband as I told him 15-20 of my TIU sisters would be coming over to our house yesterday afternoon… …and that is exactly what I love about the… Read More

Pumpkin Spice Parfait

All my recipes these days are inspired by the Tone It Up way of life, and I LOVE when Karena & Katrina come out with new goodies for members of their nutrition plan, like this Pumpkin Parfait.   What’s a Tone It Up mama… Read More