Pumpkin Spice Parfait

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All my recipes these days are inspired by the Tone It Up way of life, and I LOVE when Karena & Katrina come out with new goodies for members of their nutrition plan, like this Pumpkin Parfait.


What’s a Tone It Up mama to do?

This week, my husband & my little munchkin both came down with whatever sickness is floating around (que shots of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar & TIU Bombshell spells!!!) so I didn’t have much time for grocery shopping. I was bummed when I couldn’t follow the TIU directions exactly, but what’s a Tone It Up mama to do?! Raid the pantry & refrigerator to see what I had to improvise!

Only 5 Ingredients!

In my fridge it felt like I won the lotto when I found two little low-fat pumpkin spice Yoplait yogurts…is there anything better than anything and everything pumpkin during fall?! Next on my mission: granola. Again, I won the jackpot when I found not only granola in my pantry, but chia seed pumpkin spice granola…from Sprouts….the parfait gods were with me. I even had two ripe bananas screaming to be eaten, and pumpkin pie spice stocked in my cupboard from making my favorite pumpkin bread – my mom’s – with a TIU clean-eating twist (which you can find here).



Okay, okay, cut to the recipe chase already, right?! Here’s my I’m-a-mom-that’s-too-busy-to-go-grocery-shopping 5 ingredient pumpkin spice parfait!



  • Pumpkin spice, pumpkin, or pumpkin pie flavored yogurt. My favs – Chobani’s, Trader Joe’s, or Yoplait’s
  • Chia or flax seed granola; you can use plain or my favorite is Sprout’s pumpkin spice; because it’s pumpkin flavored (duh) AND has chia/flax seeds and pumpkin seeds
  • Bananas (I also used blueberries and loved it! Feel free to sub with other fruits you think would compliment pumpkin spice flavoring)
  • Pumpkin spice and/or cinnamon
  • A mason jar or tupperware


  • Slice bananas
  • Begin with layering approx. 1/3 cup yogurt on bottom of mason jar/tupperware
  • Sprinkle 1/8 cup granola on top (if prepping this the night before do NOT add granola until when you’re ready to eat, as it will get soggy and gross.)
  • Add layer of sliced bananas (approx 1/2 of the banana)
  • Repeat; yogurt, granola, bananas
  • You can layer as many fit, as many times as you like, but my particular finding was two layers was perfect.
  • On top layer of bananas, sprinkle pumpkin pie spice and/or cinnamon on top
  • Take a picture of your beautiful creation and tell me how you like this quick 5-ingredient pumpkin parfait inspired by K&K by tagging me @tiu_shelley on Instagram 🙂
  • Eat in layers or mix all around for a yummy parfait scramble & ENJOY!


Kept me full until lunch! 

What I love about this recipe – you can add it into your weekly meal prep and make a few ahead of time for a quick breakfast on the go, quick snack throughout the day, or a great breakfast to bring with you to work! You can even adapt it into your favorite overnight breakfast recipe – overnight oats, etc! If prepping before-hand, be sure to leave granola on the side until ready to serve to it doesn’t get mushy! It also kept me full until lunch time! You can sprinkle in some of your protein powder into your yogurt for an even more filling addition too!

Happy pumpkin season!

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