TIU Secret Sister Holiday Motivational Mail Exchange


The air is crisp, the season is near, it’s time to spread TIU holiday cheer!

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[image courtesy of this adorableeee Etsy shop] 


After our Frisky Fall mass #TIUMotivationalMail exchange was such a hit and success (minus a few glitches, of course!), there was tons of interest in another exchange. I was planning to do one each official 8-week challenge, but who can resist a gift exchange during the holidays?! There’s nothing more fun than being little secret elves for Santa!


Due to some complications during our Frisky Fall exchange, please read the following rules & guidelines before signing up to participate:


1. Open to US #TIUsisters only due to high shipping costs internationally (UPDATE: There are now THREE different gift exchanges; one for the US, one for Europe, and one for Canada!! See all three links below!)

2. Must be active in the current TIU challenge, #holidayhunny + #100byChristmas

3. Spending average is $40 + shipping, so save/plan accordingly.

4. If you cannot commit to sending your package ON TIME, please wait to join the next gift exchange. During the FF exchange, there were over 20 girls who sent packages yet either never received one, or received their package late. The point of this exchange is to spread the LOVE and have FUN! Not getting a package or receiving it late, defeats the purpose of SHARE.LOVE.INSPIRE.SWEAT and leaves for a sad TIU sister crying at her mailbox 😉 So mail must be sent by the assigned deadline.

5. We all save and open our packages on the SAME DAY – Opening day is December 19th.

6. PACKAGES MUST BE MAILED OUT BY DECEMBER 1st. NO IFS, ANDS, BUTS, OR EXCEPTIONS. Holiday mail delays packages everywhere, and I don’t want one single person to not get their box on time this exchange! Even priority and rush shipping gets delayed because of the holidays. DEC 1st !!!

7. You must update your “nick-name” on Elfster as your TIU Instagram name so you can be tagged

8. Share this exchange with your TIU friends and sisters so no one feels left out who wants to participate!

9. Must update your shipping address. Don’t worry; only the person who draws your name sees it!

10. SIGN UP VIA THE APPROPRIATE (USA, Europe, or Canada) LINK BELOW BASED ON WHERE YOU LIVE TO JOIN THIS EXCHANGE AND CREATE YOUR ELFSTER ACCOUNT!! :)) I won’t be adding or emailing anyone individually with the link, as there are too many wonderful girls participating, so you must sign up yourself using THIS LINK –








CANADIAN EXCHANGE LINK hosted by TIU Canadian Sunshine:



11. If anyone has questions, please contact me through Elfster or leave a comment below here! I don’t always get the notifications on my Instagram account.

12. Sign up DEADLINE is Wednesday, November 12th!

13. Once you sign up, spread the love! Tag me so I can see! @tiu_shelley (not a rule, I just love to see how many girls are finding out about this, and your excitement is infectious!!!)

14. Please be sure to make ONE Elfster account. Do not set up duplicate Elfster accounts with duplicate emails, or you will be entered into the draw twice. (Be careful not to set up one through Facebook AND one through your personal or work email.) Otherwise you will be paired up twice, receiving two packages and sending two packages, and we don’t want that!

15. If you have any difficulties/questions/glitches within Elfster that have to do with Elfster (i.e.: account management, set-up, etc.,) please do NOT contact me, contact Elfster support. They are amazing and so helpful & will get back to your issues within 24 hours!



  • When will the next exchange be? During the TIU #loveyourbody challenge, after the holidays
  • What do I buy? Something embodying the TIU tagline – SHARE. LOVE. INSPIRE. SWEAT. Browse the hashtags #tiusecretsister #tiumotivationalmail for ideas of what girls put into their packages during our Frisky Fall exchange
  • I think I signed up; how do I know for sure? When you’re logged into your Elfster account, it should show “Gift Exchange: TIU Secret Santa Sisters” with the number of participants, and also show “______ joined the exchange” on the group wall. You should see your name under participants, have access to the group, be able to post on the group wall, send questions, messages, etc. You should also received an email from Elfster that your account has been created successfully.


Can’t wait!!!! Thanks so much to all that participated in the Frisky Fall exchange, and those who have already signed up for this one! HO HO HO!





PS – If you sign up and go MIA (this happened with like ten people during FF exchange; you will be removed from future exchanges, because it’s sad to your paired #tiusister and not fair 😦

*Signing up through this link is the only way girls can join, so please direct friends/TIU sisters here! XO

26 Comments on “TIU Secret Sister Holiday Motivational Mail Exchange”

  1. Hi Shelley… Was just wondering if we are setup with an exact match – does our secret sister also have us as a match? I wasn’t sure if it’s kept a secret who has us, or if girls typically contact their match.

    Hope that makes sense!



      • Okay thanks for letting me know and getting back to me so quickly! Have a great weekend 🙂


  2. Elfster never sent me a confirmation email and when I try to log on it says there is no account registered to that email. However, I am listed in the girls who have accepted :/ I think there must have been at typo in my email… Do you have the ability to tell me what my email is listed as? My name is Katherine @Kat_tonesitup Heidenthal.


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  4. I just wanted to make sure my info went through! Please let me know and let me know if there is anything else I need to do! Thank you!


  5. I’m an international girl wanting to join in! If there’s a few of us interested id be up for it with Shelley’s help?! My insta is @lisav_tiu


  6. Hi! Are you going to make an international group like last time as well? Im dying to join, please please make an international group as well so all tiu girls can join 🙂


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