Yoga for One

Wooo! Things got super wild today when I left to do my FIRST solo yoga class since Tanner was born…yep, ladies and gentlemen (not that I think gentlemen would be browsing this blog, but ya never know!) you heard that right…my first solo yoga class in ONE FREAKING YEAR. ONEEEE YEAR!! And oh.em.gee. it felt AMAZING.

Try a new yoga studio.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 8.48.13 PM

When #friskyfall started three weeks ago, K&K gave us a #pmchallege to dedicate some time to ourselves and focus on our goals for the 8 weeks that were ahead of us. I love that their challenges aren’t only about setting physical goals, but emotional and self-worthy goals too. I’ll focus a separate blog entry to my goal-setting another time, but for now I’m focusing on one of them: trying out a yoga studio in town I hadn’t tried yet, and going alone. Sans Tanner.

Yoga studio + juice bar…yes please!

I had my heart set out on a few studios in town, so next came checking their class schedules to see which times would coordinate with mine/Tanner’s/my husband’s. The #friskyfall #pmchallenge last night was to prep our breakfast for today last night so we had it ready and waiting, ensuring our day (and our metabolism) got off to a nice healthy start. I was reading what the #pmchallenge was once I was already in bed (and obviously hadn’t prepped anything to eat for breakfast yet). With that, a lightbulb went off in my head…try the yoga studio with the juice bar!!! win-win! So I checked their schedule at sure enough, there was a gentle yoga at 9am…perfecto!

He decided to wake up at 8:58am…

Since Tanner was born, I don’t believe in alarm clocks…I have a little alarm that squeaks every morning around 8:30am to wake me up. Okay, I’m lying, I have a little alarm who crawls on me and finishes his milk for the morning; we’re still bed-sharing. Yeah, yeah, I know…time to move him into his own room (please leave your parenting advice elsewhere; to each their own). Well, today he decided to wake up at 8:58am. Yoga in 2 minutes? Not happening. I was actually relieved to see it was a little later than 8 this morning, because I went to bed WAY too late and needed any extra minute to survive the day sans caffene. So the time “issue” wasn’t going to stop me! It simply meant that studio wasn’t meant to be today. So back to plan B – check the other studios closest to our house to see if any classes coordinated. TA-DA! reformYOGA…gentle yoga flow…10:30am. PERFECTO! This actually worked out better anyway because I was able to feed Tanner breakfast before heading out (I don’t totally trust my husband to cut everything into small enough pieces and watch him without playing on his phone – #sorryimnotsorry #newmomtrustissues #oneday).

Time to give back to myself

If always feels so funny every time I get into my car alone. I look in the rear mirror & don’t see a smiley little face playing with his dino or favorite helicopter from grandma; just an empty mirror with a car seat in its reflection. It’s that feeling when you think you’re forgetting something, but know you checked your packing list three times before leaving for the airport. But it’s also a little sense of freedom; a sliver of the independence you had before baby made you a family of three. Which is exactly what I deserved after neglecting myself – my hobbies – my interests – and alone time – for an entire year. Don’t feel bad for me; it was my own untrusting mothering instinct – and huge breast feeding issues I was determined to rise above – that lead me to chose to not leave Tan alone with anyone. And up until now, I was totally okay with it. But when K&K asked us to reflect on ourselves and what makes us happy, I knew it was time to give back to myself. And that’s ok. And healthy.


So I headed out to reformYOGA in Bressi Ranch. My first reaction to the studio was I LOVED the location. Right next to a Nekter?!?!? It was a sign from above! This place & I are going to be two peas-in-a-pod.

<br />

For new students it’s only $39 for a month of unlimited yoga; when classes are $20 each, that is a STEALLLL. With my TIU yoga mat in tow, I registered as a new student, grabbed a block, blanket, and strap, & found my spot in class. #namastebitches – it’s time for some peace and calmness – solo.

At first I was surprised to see a male instructor. I had always had women, but often found their voices to be high-pitched and not very relaxing. Except one of my favorite instructors, Amanda, at Soul of Yoga, where my favorite mommy-and-me yoga is! His voice was calm, deep, and soothing, and was a really nice change on the mat (and the eyes…kidding…kind of!) During class we were challenged to hold the block in between our thighs for the entire time! Whaaaat?! I came here to relax! Actually; it was the perfect mixture of relaxing and challenging, and was exactly what I needed to start my day.

reformYOGA = 5 stars * * * * * 

I absolutely loved every second of the 60 minute class. The room was so cute, too! My favorite detail was the quotes on the back wall. The front wall was floor-to-ceiling mirrors, so the quotes were actually screened backward on the wall so when you read them in the mirror they were correct. I loved that! I give reformYOGA 5 stars, and can’t wait to go back! My only complaint with all yoga studios in the area is that I wish they had childcare. My husband travels for work ALLLLL the time, so I wish I could pop in whenever I wanted for a class and bring Tanner. Even if my mom & dad lived locally, which they don’t, I like to go during the week during work hours. If you’re looking for a business start-up and you’re reading this…women are the majority of yoga goers…of those women, the ones that attend weekly classes in the middle of the day are likely stay-at-home moms, or moms that work from home…some of those women are new moms who don’t want to leave their babies with family or a baby sitter just to go to a yoga class….so our yoga studios need childcare so you can get more of our business!!!

mind + body + soul

Getting out to a yoga class today was healthy for my mind, my body, and my soul. It was the perfect hour escape from real life, and a moment to connect with myself, find peace amongst the chaos that is life, and made me really happy to accomplish another goal I set for myself this month. I can’t wait to reevaluate my #friskyfall goals and get the next one checked off 🙂



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