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Week 7 of Frisky Fall! Weekly Tracker Update

Hiiiii, Beach Babes!! WOW! Is anyone else in shock that this is already WEEK 7!?!?!! I’m sad over here!! I know we can always still check in, but I just LOVE the camaraderie that the 8-week challenges bring, and I’m going to be… Read More

Yoga for One

Wooo! Things got super wild today when I left to do my FIRST solo yoga class since Tanner was born…yep, ladies and gentlemen (not that I think gentlemen would be browsing this blog, but ya never know!) you heard that right…my first… Read More

Healthy Pumpkin Spice French Toast

Since fall definitely isn’t in the air yet here in North County (it’s supposed to be in the 90s all weekend!) it at least entered my kitchen this morning with this delicious, healthy, protein-packed breakfast. What you’ll need: -3 tbsp organic, unsweetened… Read More

My TIU Story


Be kind. Don’t judge. Give.

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Secret Sister Exchange!

What’s better than a TIU pen-pal?! Let’s keep up the #friskyfall love and spirit throughout the next 8 weeks by exchanging motivational mail with our TIU sisters.  Team #TIUSEASHELLS SHARE. LOVE. INSPIRE. SWEAT. What is motivational mail? Anything that reminds you of what TIU embodies;… Read More


I couldn’t think of a more fitting, perfect first post than to share my #100byhalloween miles tracker with you all. I’ve emailed a ton of TIU beauties, so know this will be an even easier route for you all to enjoy! Download… Read More