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Coconutty French Toast

We had quite the storm last night here in north San Diego, so it was as if we woke up in the tropics with palm leaves, branches, and yard decor scattered about. Tanny woke me up bright and early at 6am, so I… Read More

Cinnamon Sugar French Toast Bites

MOTHER’S DAY BRUNCH What else does a mama do on Mother’s Day morning besides give their sweet baby a million kisses and dream of staying in bed all morning?! Scroll through their Insta and Pinterest feeds, of course! This Mother’s Day is… Read More

Toddler [and Whole Fam] Friendly French Toast

Feeding a toddler can be like playing eenie-meanie-miny-mo with a grab bag. One day they love something, the next day they’re throwing it at you. Luckily, breakfast foods have been a huge success in our household [knock on serious wood!] because Tanner… Read More

Healthy Pumpkin Spice French Toast

Since fall definitely isn’t in the air yet here in North County (it’s supposed to be in the 90s all weekend!) it at least entered my kitchen this morning with this delicious, healthy, protein-packed breakfast. What you’ll need: -3 tbsp organic, unsweetened… Read More