Week 7 of Frisky Fall! Weekly Tracker Update

Hiiiii, Beach Babes!!

WOW! Is anyone else in shock that this is already WEEK 7!?!?!! I’m sad over here!! I know we can always still check in, but I just LOVE the camaraderie that the 8-week challenges bring, and I’m going to be really bummed when #friskyfall is over 😦

I love the posted schedule this week!! I’m excited to see the new kettle bell workout & complete the PM Challenges. I also have a 5k on Sunday, and @TIU_CAHILL is joining me! It’s through the Surfing Madonna Foundation and ON THE BEACH!! In Downtown Encinitas. Does it get better than that?!?! #tiusisters #tiusandiego #tiumeetup

What do you all have coming up this week? Without further ado, here’s the updated week 7 tracker! How are you guys liking it? Anything you would add/remove? It’s working really well for me! I just can’t seem to write small enough in all the spaces, but any bigger and the cells wouldn’t all fit on the same page; this week I tried to make them as big as possible, stretching those margins to the max! I’ve always had a problem with writing small!  I added the space for “weekly goals” last week, and I’m really glad I did because this week K&K are really focusing on that. Love it!!

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 9.29.23 PM


*FYI – If when you print, any of the borders are cut off, scale your printer smaller (i.e.: where it says “print at 100%…try 98% or smaller, until the print preview show anything being cut off. I know, for example, when I print anything from K&K’s Nutrition Plan, I have to scale down to 90%). 

Happy Sunday and hope you all have a wonderful week ahead. Sending positive, happy Monday vibes your way so we all get off to a great start!



@TIU_SHELLEY on Instagram!

2 Comments on “Week 7 of Frisky Fall! Weekly Tracker Update”

  1. Just discovered your weekly tracker & I LOVE it!!! You’re the best! You add sooooooooo much to this community! Good luck on your 5k! I’m doing a 10k this weekend. 😊


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