Surfing Madonna 5k/10k

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Leaving footprints in the sand…

Yesterday was one of the best fitness-related afternoons I’ve had since we moved here in February. It was a BEAUTIFUL day with temps in the high 70s, a perfect ocean breeze, and time for the Surfing Madonna Run!

The race was held on Moonlight Beach in Downtown Encinitas at low tide (approx 2:20pm), and proceeds went toward the Surfing Madonna Foundation to save the ocean! Last year they were able to donate $50,000 back to the community to help “save the ocean.” This year their goal was to double that amazing number!

As featured on their website,, the following were the awesome perks of signing up for this 5k/10k:


  • $22,000 in PRIZE MONEY!! Chip Timed and Fast Results!
  • Beautiful Race Course all on the sand at LOW TIDE!
  • All participants receive a polyester/soft cotton race shirt, KILLER medal and free race photos!
  • FREE SUNSCREEN from HIPPO SWEAT! (All natural and vegan friendly sunscreen)
  • Costume Contest with $1,000 in Cash Prizes
  • Jump in…Dr. Bronner’s Magic Foam Experience after the race to SAVE WATER!
  • Dr. Bronner’s Soap and Lotion samples to take home!
  • Zumba Warm Up before race by Total Woman Gym & Spa
  • Yoga Cool Down after the race with PRANA!!
  • Whole Foods Market and Wahoo’s Fish & Taco will be serving lunch
  • Free goodies all day from Mamma Chia and Clif Bar
  • Huge Raffle with Insane Prizes – Your bib number will be a ticket!
  • Watch the Pro Beach Volleyball Tournament on the Moonlight Beach sand courts
  • Parent/Child Division, Costume and Team Divisions available
  • All Radical proceeds donated back to the community to help SAVE OUR OCEAN!!!

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There were also SO many fun activities happening on face day too, which they were calling “Moonlight Beach Fest”

  • Rockin’ beach fest with LIVE MUSIC!
  • The “Science of Surf n Skate” Exhibit by Arnette and Hansen Surf Shop
  • Skate Ramp with Pro Skaters!
  • Classic “Woodie” Car Show in Cul-de-Sac “C” above Moonlight Beach
  • Pro Sand Castle Expo
  • Kid’s Activity Fun Zone

I haven’t signed up for a 5k since a Turkey Trot a couple years ago, so I was anxious & excited, and curious to see how long I could survive 😉 My TIU sista and bestie since high school, Rachel, joined Tanner & I. She’s been dubbed my local #fitfriend because I somehow convince her to partake in all my new activities here, like our bootcamp class, TIU, and random things around town. I’m so thankful she lives here to join me!! I’ve been using the Couch to 5k app for iPhone to interval train the past month. I’ve gotten up from only being able to run 30 second intervals to 8 minutes straight! I completely amazed myself in my progress the past 4 weeks. We did SO WELL for a couple of “non-runners.” We ran the first 8 minutes straight, and reached the turn-around point before we knew it! Not to mention I was pushing Tanner in our Bob jogging stroller the entire time, so my casual lil’ 5k turned into a whole body workout. Not sure if you’ve ever pushed a stroller through the sand, but lemmetellyou….woah. The packed sand isn’t as big of a deal, but the soft sand….hello, entire body strength!

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 10.27.32 AM

We got tricked and thought the turn-around point was halfway, so you could imagine our surprise when it only ended up being about 1/4 of the way through. We passed the finish line and saw we had about another 1/2 mile to go, and were definitely feeling it!! I got a little fire under my butt with the end almost in sight, and stepped up my running intervals until I made it to the end. I was SO CLOSE until the finish line was UPHILL in SOFT SAND. Ahhh what?!?! I was so bummed because I had to walk and push the stroller up with all my might. It took me a good whole 2-3 minutes just to make it up the hill until a guy behind me said “oh my gosh, mama, you need some help!” and helped me push it the final 5 feet or so. Rachie crossed the finish line about a minute later and WE DID IT! 

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 10.27.44 AM

To a runner, our time of 42 minutes would have been despicable, but to a couple of average-joe’s who just started working out the past few months, we were pretty happy. We finished in top 44% for women and top 41% overall! I’d say knowing we did better than half the other people out there, is an accomplishment in itself. We only took a few walk breaks, and ran the rest, which is huge considering I used to barely even be able to walk to the stop signs in our neighborhood post-c-section.

I’m excited to see my time improve for the Encinitas Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving!

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3 Comments on “Surfing Madonna 5k/10k”

  1. What a great article. This year we will not be going past Moonlight Beach, just past Beacons for a .4 mile. We’re also working on getting a Mobi-Mat in place for those last 30 yards of soft sand at the finish. We’ll also have fresh fruit at the finish line and our medal this year is really cool. You can stay up to date on our FB page Surfing Madonna Oceans Project. If you ladies want 50% off on this years race let me know and I’ll personally sign you up. We love it when people have such a great time and give it 100%.


    Bob Nichols
    President- Surfing Madonna Oceans Project


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