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T H E     B O O B I E     B A R 

I am SO EXCITED to be showing off one of my mama friend’s amazing new products, the Boobie Bar® [I am not being compensated for this post in any means, either; I’m just a mama who believes in other mamas and their entrepreneurial success when it comes to products I believe in and personal friends behind the company.]

If you’re a new mom, or are a mom, you’ve been through breastfeeding. Some have it easy, some decide from the beginning it’s ‘not for them,’ while other mamas struggle with a sloo of breastfeeding issues – low milk supply, over milk supply, IGT, tongue and/or upper lip tie(s), mastitis, raw, chapped, blistering nipples….and sadly the list goes on and on. No one quite prepares you for how emotionally draining the breast feeding journey can be if you struggle from any nursing ‘side effects,’ especially low supply. While it’s true some people “just can’t create enough milk,” sadly, that’s a phrase used much too often, and many moms give up on their nursing relationship before it can even begin. Thankfully there are Lactation Consultants, known as LC’s, for short, who can help you get over the BF slump. Alongside their coaching and advice, there are also a handful of amazing products that can help you along your nursing journey, like the Boobie Bar®, that can help increase milk supply. 


Ashley, the CFO and co-founder of the Boobie Bar®, is in my local Carlsbad mama group, and we bonded from both suffering from low milk supply. My BF journey wasn’t easy due to an undiagnosed tongue and upper lip supply, which led me to the torture of supplementing, pumping after each nursing session (literally at one point over ten times a day!), eating anything and everything that could potentially up my supply, and SO much more. Read my whole breastfeeding journey HERE, where I’m honored to be featured on the Boobie Bar®‘s Mama Monday Series.
I gave birth in South Florida, and Ashley gave birth here in San Diego, so her struggles led her to Wendy, a local Lactation Consultant in North County. Wendy created the bar and the galactagogue blend, Boobie Blend, which contains the milk-making ingredients. Together they teamed up to make the Boobie Bar and its breastfeeding superfoods  available to all mamas after loving the product so much.

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From Ashley + Wendy

At Boobie Bar® our mission is to support a healthy breastmilk supply and to foster the breastfeeding relationship for nursing moms & babies everywhere. Having a strong support system is one the most important factors for breastfeeding success. Whether you are new to breastfeeding and still getting the hang of it, or a seasoned pro, we are here for you! Since all babies go through different growth spurts, even nursing toddlers, your body is always working to meet the demands of your little nursling(s). While no product on the market can replace the assistance of a live IBCLC or other lactation professional, we take comfort in knowing Boobie Bars® will assist more moms in reaching their breastfeeding goals. Our independent study found that Boobie Bars® can increase milk supply up 4.6oz per day! Boobie Bars® are the perfect solution to help your baby drink more of your milkies, all while you get to eat a delicious and nutritious snack [BOOBIE BAR, 2015].


The Boobie Bar® is PACKED with ‘breastfeeding superfoods,’ & as a clean eater and someone who is always analying ingredients, for a processed bar, the Boobie Bar is pretty darn clean, and Sea Shells & Sit Ups approved! View all ingredients here.

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Boobie Bar® are packed with delicious and nutritious ingredients, perfect for the nursing mom who needs added calories to increase their milk supply. We feel strongly about being transparent with our ingredients, so you as a mom feel good about what is going into your body. After all, your baby depends on you, so what better way to promote healthy lactation than to eat a nutritious Boobie Bar®!  Nurse Wendy, IBCLC, carefully selected what goes into each bar so that you can maximize your milk supply. This proprietary blend of herbs, called Boobie Blend™, is made up of natural galactagogues (milk-making ingredients).  Boobie Bar® contain no dairy,  no corn, are a good source of fiber (16% DV), 100% vegan, and kosher. Boobie Bar® are so delicious, you can literally taste them working! [BOOBIE BAR, 2015].

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As a mom to a now 20-month old, going through the ringer and back dealing with milk supply issues, I compiled a massive list of tips & tricks found below to help breastfeeding moms, or pregnant moms who hope to get informed before beginning their nursing adventure. These are my personal opinion and based on educational purposes only. Please consult your OBGYN or a Lactation Consultant, like Wendy, for more resources. Being an LC, Wendy has an amazing wealth of knowledge on ALL things related to nursing – view her resources here.

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  1. Try the Boobie Bar®! Packed with ‘breastfeeding superfoods,’ this milk-incresing granola bar is shown to possibly increase your milk supply up to 4oz! It’s made with organic herbs and has nearly 100% clean ingredients, so is healthy and packed with goodness! PURCHASE HERE.
  2. Pump after every nursing session to try to tell your body it needs to create more milk. EVERY NURSING SESSION. I felt like a cow. I literally didn’t wear a shirt for weeks.
  3. Bake lactation cookies [there are tons of recipes available on Pinterest; my mom baked me a ton when I first gave birth, and a local mom also sold them in South Florida.]
  4. Drink Gatorade for electrolytes; some women swear by the red or blue. [Who knows! At least it’s a change from water.]
  5. Drink BIRK water. It’s known to have healing properties and all natural electrolytes. Use discount code BIKINIBIRK at checkout for 15% off AND free shipping the entire month of May, 2015. Purchase HERE.
  6. Drink 90oz of water per day. [Some days I thought I was drowning! PS – never drink all your ounces per day at once; that can be dangerous.]
  7.  Eat 2,000 calories full of healthy fats, protein, dairy, and fiber. All of my recipes featured within my blog contain many ingredients that are known to help with milk supply. Have friends or family go grocery shopping for you & take up any offer for someone to bring you a home-cooked meal!
  8. Start taking Goat’s Rue and More Milk Plus by Mother’s Love. Also used Dairy Diva. [You can find them at Whole Foods or online].
  9. Continue to nurse on demand [If baby is ever sucking their hands the first few months, it’s probably not for comfort; it usually means they are hungry].
  10. If you’re still working on increasing your milk supply and don’t have enough to feed your baby 100% breast milk/baby still seems hungry after breastfeeding, supplement with an ounce or two of formula, then pump after for 10 minutes. [This was the most exhausting process!] The only way to analyze if baby is getting enough breast milk is to attend a local LC class. They will have scales to weigh your baby before and after you breastfeed, and can offer advice on if they’re getting enough/how much you need to supplement if need be.
  11. Don’t exercise yet -seriously. This doesn’t mean strolling around the neighborhood or gentle yoga. You can lose what supply you do have burning too many calories too quickly. [Be gentle on yourself and your post-partum body. I started working out at 8 months post-baby because I felt confident with my supply, my eating habits, and my water intake. DO NOT DIET while trying to keep your supply up. I know many women who wanted to lose “those last 15 pounds” and they all lost their milk around 5 months because they were limiting their calories. If you’re eating healthy foods, you can still reach the calorie intake you need].
  12. Try power pumping – Keep your pump hooked up to you for an hour. Pump ten minutes on, ten minutes off, for 60 minutes. Obviously try to time when baby doesn’t need to breastfeed.
  13. Try to get some sleep  I know, this is a total joke. I got NO sleep, like, ever. I still don’t!
  14. Your milk is “best” from about 11pm until you wake up, so pump before the last feeding of the evening, the middle of the night feeding, and the first feeding of the morning to boost your supply the most. Your supply is worst from around 4pm-10pm, so pump to stimulate then.
  15. Drink More Milk Tea – Sold at Target or Whole Foods. You literally have to drink like a gallon a day, so pre-make a big batch and mix with honey or lemon because it’s GROSS. PS – From the herbs & tea, your sweat and body will start to give off an herby smell, be ready for that 😉
  16. Try Milky as a Boobie Bar® chaser 😉  Milky is an herbal blend of milk boosters; it tastes way better than the tea but I’m not sure if it really helps or not.

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If you’re reading this and struggling with low supply, I hope the Boobie Bar® and these tips help you. Most of all I hope you know you are doing the best you can. You are an incredible mama. There are many different reasons for low milk supply; my personal experience was related to upper lip and tongue-tie. If you need more support, there are some wonderful groups on Facebook:


Low Supply:

General Breastfeeding Support:

What is Tongue Tie?

If you are struggling from low supply and want to continue breastfeeding rather than switch to formula, first and foremost, find a lactation consultant like Wendy in your area. Wendy serves all of North County, San Diego, but you can also contact her online to get advice regardless of where in the world you are! She actually helped me SO MUCH when I found her while living in South Florida [small world we ended up moving to North County, then I met Ashley, and now the connection coming full-circle with Ash + Wendy teaming up to create this amazing bar.]

Go to a breast-feeding support group. Actually, find a few LCs and go to a couple support groups. 1. You’ll need all the love and encouragement you can get. You are not in this alone, and there are other mamas struggling just like you. 2. You’ll sometimes need a second (or even a third) opinion to really pinpoint your issue like I did.

To find an LC near you, visit the following:

Breastfeeding is hard. Being a mom is hard. But they are both two of the most rewarding experiences I have ever experienced. Positive milk- making vibes possible to you!


PLEASE NOTE; REGLARDLESS IF YOU CHOSE TO BREASTFEED OR NOT, FOR WHATEVER REASON, I SUPPORT YOU. This article is for advertisement of the Boobie Bar® & my personal journey with breastfeeding and low supply, and my stubbornness to never give up on being able to nurse. Each and every mama and their situation is different, and a personal decision that works for you, your little, and your family most. Breast or bottle, I support you.

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*Disclaimer: All information mentioned in this article is for educational purposes only. These statements and claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product of these testimonials/suggestions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Boobie Bar® are intended for use when nursing. Please discuss the use of this product, and any other lactation products or recomendations, with your lactation consultant, midwife, OBGYN, or health care practitioner.

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  1. I love this! As a breast cancer survivor having gone through 16 months of treatment, I had no idea what to expect after my first baby. That and the lack of medical lactation support ended in me just partially breastfeeding my LO to 4 months. When I had my second baby I knew I would never get milk in the one breast and focused hard on building my supply in the other. It took 10 weeks of milk, sweat and tears (and formula) to get to the point of exclusively breastfeeding and we are still going strong at 8 months, with no end in sight. I’m going to find these!!


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