Or that #WineWednesday is tomorrow?! Because I definitely heard that! If you’re sitting here reading this and don’t know that every Wednesday is unofficially #WineWednesday, are you okay? Like are you happy in life? Can I help get you some hook-ups and cheers with you to make everything all better and celebrate hump day properly?! I’ll be your bae…


Thanks to my ever-evolving vino palette, Club W completely revamped my cramped-style when it came to sitting in the grocery or liquor store for an hour starting at labels and pondering what would be the best fit for my palette and my meal. LIKE WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT?!

The best part about Club W? They’re local to Southern California and do ALL the crushing, bottling, labeling….aka they do it all. Themselves. When do you find that in a major wine company?! I absolutely love finding brands with similar values to mine, so was stoked to stumble upon this awesome and AFFORDABLE wine club. Yes, pinky promise, affordable.


Like, hi, I’m a single mom on a budget, but can totes afford this even more-so than the bottles I normally pick up on aisle 6, because each bottle is like $13 (with a 3 bottle minimum + puny $6 shipping fee, which is amazing and I’ve paid more to ship like one sock, let’s be real…). So for under $40 you get THREE bottles. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT IS REAL…

and he’s tall, dark OR light, whatever you’re into, smells nice, and makes you happy and feel good. His name starts with a W. and he’s healthy since he’s into grapes. Wine. His name is Wine.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 2.43.31 PM

Best part? Club W uses an algorithm to help pick the perfect pairings for you and your needs after you answer a quick questionnaire so they can get to know you and your palette needs/wishes. Think — Netflix is to movies :: ClubW is to wine.


Better part? You can get a special deal below 😉

Start drinking personalized wine! Get 3 bottles of wine for $19 from Club W

With gifts starting at just $50, you can’t go wrong!
Club W Logo
Start drinking wine personalized to YOU
Get 3 bottles for $19, you will love them, 100% guaranteed
Clueless in the wine aisle? We eliminate the guesswork surrounding wine by providing personalized recommendations based on your unique palette preferences. Discover new favorites right from your front door. Discover wine personalized to your palate today!
Get Started ►


5340 Alla Road, Suite 105, Los Angeles, CA, USA


“Let us buy you a bottle,” “shipping on us,” “100% off the first bottle,” and other promotions are an instant rebate credit applied to a portion of the purchase price of each product, shipping and handling. All promotions and wine purchases require a 3 bottle minimum. Promotions cannot be combined, are not applicable to gift purchases, may only apply to Featured Wines ($13) and are available only to new members. Shipping credits do not apply to overnight shipping. Give-a-Box referrals are not eligible for referral credits. Void where prohibited, only available in US. WINC. Buellton, California.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Interested in 4 bottles or more?? Score $26 Off Orders of 4 Bottles or More HERE

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