It’s been just about a year since I’ve been a medical guinea pig. I’ve seen specialist after specialist and have had just about every test run to try and figure out why I was having (and am still having) such horrible, chronic right-sided pelvic pain. After a long road leading me to a laparoscopic surgery in June, I was diagnosed with endometriosis and ovarian cysts. After my surgery, I felt okay for about three weeks before my same symptoms came right back. And now, they are worse than ever, affecting my daily life, spirit, and well-being (and other organs).

My friends and family have been as supportive as they know how to be, and after many conversations filled with tears and hugs and the saying “We just want you to get better, Shell,” we’ve all set up a fundraising page to help raise money toward my medical bills. It’s been completely overwhelming seeing how costly a chronic illness is, and how much isn’t covered by insurance.

Thank you to my loving friends who gave me the courage to accept the idea of a YouCaring fundraising page (same as a GoFund me page, but there is less interest) so I can hopefully be on the way to my next surgery making me feel better. This has been a long road since my endometriosis + GI diagnoses, and everyone who knows me (and myself!) are eager for me to get my life – and my body – BACK. You can click here to leave a note or donate if you wish; at this point, every little bit helps. Feel free to share this link:

Thank you so much to everyone who’s kept loving on me, supporting me, and praying for me!

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If you want to learn more about endometriosis, you can read one of my articles here or this emotional Instagram post with over 100 comments regarding this awful disease.

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