Back to school time is CRAY! As a toddler mama who works full time, my little guy goes to school pretty much year-round. But you can definitely sense the business all around town (and on the road and at school entrances) during those peak pick-up and drop-off hours. And that school hustle is REAL, isn’t it?!

Because of that, VitaCost has been a freaking LIFESAVER!!! Have you heard of them?! My friend Alisha just got me in the loop last month, and as a mom, I’m hooked 🙋🏼

VitaCost helped me get Tanny back to school with tons of organic, non-GMO, and Gluten-free snacks and foods at a completely affordable price. Here were some of our favs:

I can also snag all my go-to ingredients for my favorite breakfast meals, like these gluten free and dairy free confetti snickerdoodle pancakes: How do you get your littles ready for back to school??

Be sure to check out VitaCost here!This post was sponsored, but all opinions are my own

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