Featured on ABC News and Good Morning America

I can’t even contain myself enough to type this without freaking out, but I am THRILLED, HUMBLED, EXCITED, and absolutely amazed to be featured on ABC News and Good Morning America today, even showing up on some of my friend’s iPhones in their “trending news” home-screens.

Click here to read the article!!!

THIS is why I continue to keep speaking up and speaking out about Endometriosis and fiercely advocating.

A disease that affects 1 in 10 women and takes an average of 10 years to be diagnosed needs to be shouted off the mountaintops so no one suffers like we have…there needs to be an increase in funding and an increase in awareness so research can be done to find a cause, a cure, and a treatment besides removing organs or putting women on medicine that puts them into menopause with life-long side effects.

THANK YOU, Katie, for sharing a piece my story and my Endo journey.

You can see more about how I advocate for Endometriosis and women’s health on my blog, Salty Sweet Seasons, and my foundation, Speak Up Speak Endo.

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