A Few of my Favorite Things…

Oh.my.GOSH. I am SO excited to write this blog post, I can’t even take it!!! I hope my energy is contagious, because I’m thrilled to shout from a mountaintop how freaking wonderful these products are! If you’re looking for a few budget friendly fitness related items to add to your Christmas list, these are PERFECT! But be sure to order soon, because they’re handmade by local companies who are sure to sell out & reach their order capacity for fulfilling orders by Christmas.


1. Airabella Active Leggings. I MEANNNNNN these crops are everything; EVERYTHING. and you know why?! Their quality. Their price. Their color selection. Their customer service. Now that is a home run in a product to me. For sizing purposes, if you contact them through Instagram, [@airabella_active] they respond right away with assistance. For a body type/sizing example, I am 5’5″ & 118 pounds, and ordered a small and they fit perfect! Not too tight in the waist, and not baggy or too tight in the crotch/thighs. (isn’t that the worst?!) I’m pleased to report they fit camel-toe free, you don’t have to wear under ware, but if you do, they don’t get wadded up in the crotch, and they’re a cute length that’s super flattering. I have a long torso, so find I always have to fold the waist band down or it rides way up toward my belly button leaving me with “mom butt”; this rings true for ALL my workout pants, whether they’re from LuLu, Victoria’s Secret, Gap Body, Target…literally all pants and leggings…so I do fold the waist band of these as well, but love that it doesn’t make them too tight or uncomfortable, like I sometimes find with my LuLus. I hate that awkward in-between and these don’t do that at all!

IMG_4755 IMG_4757IMG_4756

Now, let’s get to the FABRIC – ohhhh the fabric. It’s literally the same as LuLu & Alo. I actually think they are way more comfy than all my LuLu leggings. Now THAT is a bold statement and I 100% stand by it. I would wear these over all my other active wear crops and pants in a heartbeat. It’s soft, comfortable, yet not too thin or too thick that makes working out uncomfortable. It’s not itchy, and I don’t feel like they’re going to stretch out or be susceptible to those annoying little holes that show up in Forever 21 and Target items….Now, the price…wait for it…..they start UNDER $30!!!! Seriously!!!! Out the door for under $40 with shipping and tax. The colors are bright and fun too! I’m a sucker and love them so much, I’m putting all remaining colors on my Christmas list. I have the royal blue, melon coral, and mint (on the way!), and I’m currently daydreaming about adding the purple and black to my collection 😉

and, come onnnn, how cute & perfectly do these royal blue ones pair with my stroller?! 


So, with that, here’s to hoping they release more color options in their full-length pants too, because I NEED them in my life! Thank you for making such a wonderful product, Airabella Active! and thank you for always being so sweet in our correspondence!

Shop Airabella Active Crops herehttp://airabellaactive.com/product-category/bottoms/

2. Sea Shells & Sit Ups’ Fitness Tanks. I am SO excited to have launched this little tank line, and all the pre-orders have officially shipped out as of Monday afternoon. I love the cute sayings, the amazingly soft, comfortable fabric, the racerback cut, the length and fit, and the fun, bright color options! If you want these in time for Christmas, I’ll be out of town the last couple weeks of December through the first week of January, so all orders need to be placed NO later than December 14th. I can’t wait to see you in them! Be sure to tag me on an Instagram check-in of you in your tank so I can repost and gawk over how adorable you look!


IMG_4760_2 HAKUNA MASQUATTA: It Means Nice Booty…. #getit?!



Pictured: Size medium in ‘Hakuna Masquatta’ (I usually wear smalls in this tank, but was going for the rainy-day-extra-baggy look today).

Shop Sea Shells & Sit Ups here, etsy.com/shop/betterhalfweddings

3. True North’s Headbands. Ahh, not only is the owner an absolute doll, she’s a fellow TIU sister, California girl, and all headbands are homemade with love. They even come in the cutest little pouch too. My #TIUbestie, Cahill, ordered two for me and I LOVE THEM. I ordered the black and white tribal pattern and plain teal. I have a long, oval face so look terrible in wide headbands, so I fold them in half. It stays on and looks cute while working out OR with a cute “normal clothes” outfit out and about! She makes SO many adorable patterns; there’s literally a style for everyone! They’re super soft & stretchy, and the perfect accessory to spice up your gym/at home workout look! Not too mention, I’m kind of obsessing with how perfectly their patterns match all my tanks! #loveatfirstsight                           IMG_4769_2    

Shop the True North Collection here, etsy.com/shop/TrueNorthCollection

What’s on your Christmas list? I’d love to hear in the comments below! I’m always looking for fun things to add to mine, and get gift ideas for my family.  I’ll be adding my other favorite items in a new blog post next week! Don’t forget Santa is watching; hope you’ve been good this year!

*All opinions are my own, and I did not receive compensation for these products. This just shows how much I love them and stand by these companies and their items!

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