____ ’til Easter Mileage Trackers






4 Comments on “____ ’til Easter Mileage Trackers”

  1. Oh my goodness! I was just thinking last night about how I needed to work on a new 100 mile challenge and picked Easter as the reference point. You completely read my mind! I created a spreadsheet tracker; nothing fancy like what you did. I love it!!! Thank you!!


  2. felt* left out….omg I don’t have my glasses or my lenses on, and didn’t proof this – how many tenses did I use lol? But you get the drift 😉


  3. Shelley,
    I don’t know WHERE I’ve been lol, but I never really explored your site before! I tried a couple of times, using my MacBook, (or iPad) was sooo frustrating, that I just relied on your ig posts, and half the time I feel “left-out” because I could never find anything, Well….hello seashellsandsitups lol! This is awesome!!!! I failed miserably at the LYB series, not the eating part (maybe I don’t eat enough and that’s why I always feel weak???lol) but I’m starting today on #TUMSandGUNS and #RUMPSandSTUMPS! Finally I can download and p/o a miles tracker. I never knew where to find it, and was too embarrassed to ask ;(.

    I have a lot of crap going on in my life right now, which has got me discombobulated – and with the NYC cold, and not renewing my gym membership, I’ve been putting my beloved workouts on the backburner, which is probably what is making me even MORE stressed, SO…. today’s the day I start caring for me again!

    You are so awesome!!! I wish we didn’t live so far away from each other, but I feel your spirit and your goodness.

    Thanks, Shelley!

    Ellen xo


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