Sippin’ on Springtime

In San Diego this weekend our temps are set to break records being in the high 80s. Todays is absolutely STUNNING, and with my garden blooming, the sun shining, and an ocean breeze swaying through the doors, I was compelled to whip up this it’s-five-o-clock-somewhere afternoon cocktail. I’ve never met a combo that screams a summer afternoon with your girlfriends more.

image2 4

Having spent the past 6 years as an event coordinator, I always am on the lookout for versatile recipes, especially when it comes to drinks. Not only is this the perfect backyard BBQ cocktail, it’s also perfect for a bridal shower, baby shower [if it’s a girl, use Simply Lemonade’s Raspberry Lemonade for a pop of color!] , or other event.

My best friend, Courtney, is coming to visit this weekend, so I cleaned my house, did laundry, cleaned my car, went grocery shopping, stocked the fridge, and, of course, made sure to pick up an extra bottle of my favorite champs to have on hand 😉 Staring at two bottles in the fridge, I had to pop one to test out in the Sea Shells & Sit Ups kitchen this afternoon. If it’s socially acceptable for men to always have a beer with lunch, then it’s totally okay for women everywhere to enjoy this on their porch swings, lying by the pool, or lounging in the backyard. Cheers to you beauties everywhere! TGIF!

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 12.44.06 PM


*If just making one class, mix about 1 cup lemonade to 1/4 cup champs

TIP: Try freezing your berries so they act as ice cubes!

DOUBLE TIP: Have somewhere to be and can’t commit to finishing the whole bottle of champs? Have no fear, mama……my sister & a TIU sister shared this amazing tip that I’ve been utilizing ever since – After popping your bottle of champs, add a metal spoon upside down and insert into the bottleneck. I’M SERIOUSLY NOT KIDDING WHEN I TELL YOU THIS KEPT MY LEFTOVER CHAMPS STILL BUBBLY FOR A WEEK! A WEEK! YES!!! SERIOUSLY!!


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