Okay, seriously, anyone else chomping at the bit for Tone It Up’s Bikini Series 2015 to start?! I almost peed myself when Shelby told me they officially released the countdown…I have to admit I was really surprised it’s so early, because last year it was 8 weeks; 8 weeks out from the first day of summer. It began the last week of April, and today they just announced that we’re just over ONE WEEK away already! EEK! SO EXCITED! This is the exact kind of structure and self-love I need right now.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 1.34.46 PM

That being said, you know what time it is………BIKINI SERIES’ MILEAGE TRACKER TIME!

I can’t help myself; I’m an artsy fartsy soul who has to use my own creations for things like this. TIU always releases “official” trackers, but it fills my heart [and creative soul] making these, and I love sharing with my Instagram followers. When I made my Spring Break WOD this week using this background, I decided it was something I just HAD to stare at for longer than one workout. I actually want this pattern as bed sheets so I can stare at it everyday. Or a bikini. Or a tank. Or a pillow. Pretty much anything I can stare at over and over again. I’m obsessed. Reminds me of a vintage Hawaiian vacation, which I would love to be on right now 😉 So, with that, if you chose to, I hope you enjoy this little slice of Hawaiian paradise every time you check off a mile toward #100bysummer [or whatever the official Bikini Series mileage tracking hashtag ends up being; which I’ll be adding to the bottom of these and reuploading].


If you’re not familiar with TIU’s [# of miles] by [a special event/date] challenges, read all about them on TIU’s website here.

100 by Summer


125 by Summer


150 by Summer


175 by Summer


 200 by Summer


Reminder: When TIU releases the official Bikini Series hashtags, I’ll be adding them to the bottom & reposting on my Instagram, @seashellsandsitups for camaraderie!

*Disclaimer – These are not official TIU #100bySummer mileage trackers. I share my own art every challenge, and have for the past year. These are simply what I will be using to track my miles throughout Bikini Series, and since last April, have always created more charts for other mileage groups upon request. Other TIU girls make their own designs & TIU makes their own with their logo & name; use whichever suits your personality, preferences, and lifestyle 🙂 

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