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Pumpkin Workouts

My friends have always considered me a pretty creative person; what can I say, it must be the Gemini in me. That being said, becoming a mom has upped my creative game, as I’m always trying to do the most/best I can… Read More

Zesty Tuna Salad with a Nutritional Punch

Every once and awhile I love tuna salad. It’s something I don’t crave often, but when I do, I usually like it pretty basic. But moving into my new, adorable home a few blocks from the beach, I’ve been having so much… Read More

Fall Dip

Pink ladies, grannies, McIntosh, OH MY! So many choices, so little time 😉 Apples and fall go together like peanut butter and jelly. Except I’m not a PB&J fan (blame it on the sweet and salty), so apples and peanut butter go… Read More


Fridays = weekend-eve and what better way to celebrate than pancakes?! I love my healthy flap jacks, and cook them at least 1-2x/week because it’s fun for me to spend the morning in the kitchen with Tanner. I just posted a triple… Read More

Bikini Glow from Head to Toe!

I was exhausted two seconds ago, but am eating Gelato (shhh) packed with dark chocolate and sea salted caramel (omg…it’s so so so good; thank goodness I have bootcamp tomorrow because as we speak I finished off the tub #sorrynotsorry), so I got… Read More

Bikini Series Dreamin’ + SUMMER MILEAGE TRACKERS!

Okay, seriously, anyone else chomping at the bit for Tone It Up’s Bikini Series 2015 to start?! I almost peed myself when Shelby told me they officially released the countdown…I have to admit I was really surprised it’s so early, because last… Read More