D28 for Life program has taken Robert Brace over 20 years to perfect. Robert was a renewed professional ballet dancer who overcame a life-changing unjustly only to excel to the top of his profession in London and New York as a soloist for the Metropllitan Opera Ballet. He became a life coach and started training celebrities, coaches, and everyday clients from all walks of life. His motto “Failure is not an option” came from his past, and leads him and his clients into the future they desire to create.

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The D28 for Life program is jam-packed full of strategies to help you with your success and daily motivation from Robert for a healthier lifestyle. Robert figured out that strategies combined with motivation equal success. This is the missing link to a successful body transformation and lifestyle approach to every aspect of your life! The customized exercise program includes powerful, targeted fat-burning exercises to trim and tone your abs, back, buns and thighs. And best of all, the Eating Strategies and Nutrition Plan including the Day 29 and Beyond Guide, provides you with healthy recipes and strategies for eating not just during the 28 day program but for the rest of your life.

Robert Brace and his team never want price to be the reason someone doesn’t try D28 for Life, so YOU can experience the program and go through the 28 days without any financial risk. In 28 days Robert is confident you WILL achieve your weight lost goal. If you aren’t satisfied, be in touch with customer service & they’ll sort out the details!

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I’m excited to share this program, and you can join me in the 28 day challenge at

http://www.d28forlife.com and use the coupon code SCAMERONSS for a special promo!

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My personal experience coming soon!

*This is a sponsored advertisement for D28 for Life, but all opinions on the program are my own

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