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Today’s Girls (Girl Power)

You see, the beauty about today’s girls is they can dream to become whoever and whatever they want to be. They work hard, they laugh, they learn, they adapt and they evolve. They embody a strength and fight within them that can… Read More

10 Ways to Kill it as a Modern-Day Single Mom

Is it just me, or is this generation of moms like total babes?! I mean, not even speaking for personal experience muahah – seriously, like everyone in my mom group, or other mamas I see wandering North County are like the modern… Read More

Dear Skinny,

Here’s the skinny on the adjective SKINNY….and this actually isn’t to anyone in particular, more of a memo to all womenkind out there in our crazy beautiful universe, because after the 239487th time of hearing the term “sooo skinny” used among conversation,… Read More