DID YOU HEAR?? Our new challenge is LIVE!

Ohhhh YESSSS, Shelby & I are at it again, and this time focusing on those booties and legs with our newest challenge, Rumps & Stumps! No beach babe feels complete without lifted, full cheeks and sleek and slender legs!

As TIU girls [and soon to be BBG too…eek; all of you who do both have inspired me to push myself even more!], we can’t wait to add this monthly challenge on top of our other favorite series & challenges, and can’t WAITTT for your participation to match and exceed our Tums & Guns challenge!! There was SO much love, excitement, and activity within Tums & Guns and you all make US stronger, leaner, and more confident through your support and encouragement. We are extremely grateful for you all.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 5.38.36 PM

Without further ado, please visit the personalized #RUMPSANDSTUMPS tab HERE or listed as “Rumps and Stumps” on its own in the Sea Shells and Sit Ups tab bar above to find the newest monthly challenge and all details! Also be sure to read our full disclaimer before participating! You can also pair this with Tums & Guns for a total body workout all month long!

Are you as excited as we are?! Who’s joining us?! Show us your excitement by checking in on Instagram using the hashtag #rumpsandstumps !! Get your first workout in tonight during a Super Bowl commercial or after the game to burn off some of those delish treats [or drinks!] and show us! #RUMPSANDSTUMPS day one starts NOW! Cheers to YOU and that hot lil’ bod of yours – and your beautiful soul! You’re gorgeous inside and out! Never forget that!


P.S. – TOMORROW we will have video + picture descriptions of all moves listed! Stay tuned, and thanks so much for your patience as we enjoy this weekend with family.



Shelley & Shelby



4 Comments on “DID YOU HEAR?? Our new challenge is LIVE!”

  1. I need to catch up! What’s a “hip thrust” and a “triangle lift”? The rest I can guess until you post a video.


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