This past Saturday I planned a girls’ night for my closest girlfriends [new+old] & me to celebrate the past year of friendship, accomplishments, life’s highs, and wave goodbye to the downs that seemed to keep looming over all of us. To be frank, it’s been one.long.ass.year of change and hurt and chaos and I’m over it. I needed this night to feel confident, beautiful, and be surrounded by those who love and support me, and reflect and honor all the wonderful things in my life rather than what tugs at my heart and soul.


We toasted our glasses to acknowledge how far we’ve all come through trials, tribulations, and took a night off to appreciate one another, our story-book beach town, and all we have going for us.


That being said, with fall in the air and wanting a sexy yet classy look, I decided to wear black jeans and a black lace-top paired with my favorite gold jewelry. For makeup, I went to Ulta just to buy a new bold lip color to pair with dark, shadowy eyes {because I think they photograph best and we knew we planned to take 39248927 photos}.

Whenever I post a photo to my Seashells and Sit Ups Instagram, I never really anticipate people wanting to mimic a look, and reading all the comments on my Instagram made me feel so loved and thankful to all the followers who actually support and appreciate everything I do, even when it’s completely naturally, unintentionally, and me in my daily element. So, thank you so much to all of you who were so sweet!

With all the questions about my lip color, I decided to do an updated makeup post {you can find another post from last year with more details about my favorite beauty essentials here}. I’m not into anything fancy-schmancy, and all these products are pretty affordable and seem to last forever – which is a must for this mama on a budget.




Let me start with my 6 everyday must haves…like even if I were to go camping or skiing or surfing, these come with me. hahaha. #sorryI’mnotsorry. These are my daily “I woke up like this/I’m so natural-looking” pieces.

  • Tarte Amazon clay full coverage foundation with SPF 15; 12-hour coverage and oil free
  • Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer; full-coverage and waterproof
  • Maybelline New York Lash Stiletto mascara in very black [NOT the waterproof; hate it]
  • Naked2 by Urban Decay “foxy” and “bootycall” eyeshadow shades
  • Maybelline New York Define-a-Line eyeliner in Ebony Black
  • Tarte Amazonian clay 12-hour blush, “Captivating”.



If I’m going out to dinner with girlfriends or attending a special event, I like to spice it up and add dark eyes or a bold lip color. I also add a layer of powder over my foundation, and use extra eye liner. Same goes for a new date, but I usually stick to chapstick and a more natural look {let’s be real….no one wants to be fooled the next time they see you, so wearing too much makeup on a first date is not my cup of tea!} They’ve usually already stalked my Instagram, and that’s enough to try to keep up with behind 123 filters.


  • Naked 2 by Urban Decay’s “blackout” eyeshadow [I use this at the outside corners and as an eye liner], “tease”, and “verve”.
  • Tarte “smooth operator” Amazonian clay tinted pressed finishing powder
  • Calvin Klein “500 Liplock” lipstick
  • Lorac “Dominatrix” lipstick


I mix the two lipsticks above together

If I’m going for a more “Barbie” look, I stick to light eyeshadows, a thick cat-eye black eyeliner, and Sephora’s “Unfaithful” Barbie-pink  lipstick

Thank you to my best friends and new friends and neighbors who add a spark to my life, my soul, and my being. I love you!


photo directly above – photo: @nobleandrews | hair + makeup: @atoasttobeauty

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