If you’ve followed me since last year, you most likely know my FAVORITEEEEE challenge of all was my #7daysofFitmas (check the hashtag to see more.)

It was my favorite because of how active it was, how much fun I had checking in each day and following other’s posts, and how much positive feedback I received of people feeling stronger by the end. I absolutely loved seeing people choosing to repeat the 7 days a couple or a few times because of the results they got, simply by increasing a movement day to day.

Soooo, guess what?! IT’S COMING BACK. Better than last year. Better instructions. Better movements. Better eye candy to look at 😉

#12daysTilFitmas.jpgSince there are 129387 hashtags already using the #12daysofFitmas, our official challenge hashtag is #12daysTilFitmas –> do the math and see when it officially starts! Hint: It’s a Sunday. In mid-December. 12 days before Christmas. 😉

So many questions…what will it be?! What will it involve?! Who’s the #FitMiss and the #FitMister?! I DUNNOOOOO 😉

…That’s all I’m going to leak for now. But we all know I’m the worst secret keeper on the planet, so STAY TUNED. More details coming SOON!



#GetFitGiveThanks — a two-week fitness + gratitude challenge combining one workout a day and one thankfulness challenge a day. It’s not too late to jump in! Challenge ends on Thanksgiving (so 5 more full days to go!) Grand prize is a Withings Activite Pop Activity & Sleep tracking watch (almost a $200 value!)


Click here to learn more about this challenge and download the follow-along calendar xoxo


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