I’m completely honored and humbled to have reached 15,000 Instagram followers this week, so am #celebrating15k by honoring the number 15 all week long! 

First up – SEALAND BIRK! An amazing water tapped straight from birch trees in Finland. I’ll be posting ALL about Birk soon, but have a limited time deal for all my readers!

My sweet buddies at @sealandbirk are giving YOU an exclusive 15% off any case of #birk PLUS free shipping when you use the code ‘BIKINIBIRK‘ at checkout.

This deal only goes out to Birk friends and family, but they’re sweet enough to extend it to my insta/blog fam for the month of May ONLY to honor my big ONE • FIVE 

Don’t miss out on trying #sealandbirk for yourselves before it’s too late. #tapintonature and see your life get #betterwithbirk

Purchase your Birk below –


and be sure to use BIKINIBIRK for 15% off AND free shipping!!

Check-in using #bikinibirk on instagram to let us know you’ve ordered! We can’t wait to hear what you think! Check out my Instagram, @seashellsandsitups, for tons of recipes incorporating Birk! 

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