Besides being in a sorority in college [any other ADPis out there?! Pi LOVE! <>], I’ve never met another group of women that just naturally “clicks.” In fact, my Tone It Up sisters mesh better with me than most my sorority did. Don’t get me wrong, I have a handful of amazing college girlfriends I can thank going through recruitment and my four years in ADPi for, but older in life it can be hard to meet like-minded women who don’t make you feel on the outskirts of their already formed social circles.

Regardless of age, it just seems like majority of women who are involved in TIU are there for you. It’s like you have this amazing connection before you even meet in real life [TIU is an online community grown heavily through social media interaction based on nutrition and workout plans. You can learn more at].


With that, I was lucky enough to attend one of my TIU sister’s weddings this Saturday. @km_tiubride as known in the TIU community, or Krystal in real life 😉 She married her best friend, Kyle, and the two of them are tooooo adorable, as they go by “K squared.” I mean, come on, how cute is that?!


We decided to make it a girls’ night out, and my two dates for the evenings were two of my best friends, Rachel & Cahill, also two TIU girls. When we got there we ran into another TIU gal we adore, Christina, and a new TIU love bug we hadn’t met yet, Rachel. We all hit it off like we’ve been friends for years, and it was so much fun to have a mama’s night out celebrating Krystal, who made one heck of a beautiful bride!


We had a little too much fun in the Photo Booth and making our rose into champagne by adding sparkling water. I’ve Instagrammed about this before, but it’s seriously my FAV trick for making one glass of wine into two – ask for half a serving of wine, and half soda water, and the magic happens! I was the DD so had a one glass max, and this made sipping on it all night double the fun. Try it next time you’re out, and your body and wallet will thank you!

IMG_3200CONGRATS KRYSTAL + KYLE! WE LOVE YOU! Thank you for having us, and hosting an amazing evening full of love, laughter, and TIU shenanigans!


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