Tone It Up’s week 5 schedule is live, which means my week 5 tracker is complete! Download below, and check-in with me on Instagram if you’re using it this week to stay accountable! If you’re new to TIU’s Bikini Series program, it’s an 8 week fitness challenge. If you’re new to my blog, welcome! These trackers are something I created to keep track of all TIU’s daily fitness challenges, meal tracking squares, PM challenges, water intake, and more – all in one convenient spot!

I created these last year before the TIU planner was out, as I like to have something to take with me on the go and stick on my pantry [and they didn’t have anything like this that existed yet, and for me tracking is an essential part of success!]

From my tracking format to you, I hope it can help you with your journey 🙂


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Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.38.54 AM

If you’re looking for a blank fitness + meal tracker, download your copy here

 Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.47.01 AM



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