Travel Friendly WOD


This weekend I’m home in my hometown visiting my family. We haven’t all been together since last Thanksgiving, so nearly a year! Seems unbelievable how fast time flies now that we’ve all flown the coop. And it’s just my sister, mom, and dad – our little party of 4. Crazy the four of us go that long…Anyway, back to this post 😉

Flying yesterday and a big cheat meal last night led me to wake up this morning feeling like a lazy slug. So I had two options: be a lazy slug all day or get up and get moving! I went with option 2…

My phone was dead so I couldn’t do a TIU video, so I made up a WOD to do in our front yard, with runs down the street.

For this workout, complete the moves listed in the picture, and complete what’s listed TWO times through. End with a one mile cool down jog or wog to bring your heart rate back down. This workout should be completed in under 30 minutes 😉

Ready, set, GO!

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