Protein Sources

A big question for those not taking protein supplements/powders, or vegetarians/vegans participating in the Ten Day Trim is

“What other sources of protein do you recommend instead of ___ or ____?”

I’ve always known the “obvious” protein choices; beans, nut butters, raw nuts, eggs, chicken, quinoa…but for vegans, that list is still pretty limited. I learned in college nutrition courses that SO many nutrients hide in unsuspected foods! So I went Pinterest-hunting for the cutest graphics I could find that show plant-based protein alternatives, and other protein sources in general.

I hope this helps!


This graphic is from Ascension Kitchen, run by Lauren Glucina, a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, Certified Raw Foods Chef, and current student of Herbal Medicine in Australia.


Graphic via Muscle Hack


Graphic from The Local Vegan


Graphic from Skinnyville


Graphic from Sugar Blossoms

Feel free to browse Pinterest yourself for TONS of other charts & alternatives. I just typed “protein sources” in Pinterest search and there were thousands of pins that popped up.



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