Wednesday means #wcw in the social media world, also known as Woman Crush Wednesday, and today it’s my honor to feature one of my fitness BFFs, Shelby, aka @shelbysfitlife on Insta! Many of you may know Shelby from the Tone It Up world, and the infamous host of the #squatchallenge last year. When I planned to release my fitness calendars around the holidays, I couldn’t wait to reach out to Shelby and see if she would tackle them with me, and take the Insta-fit-world by storm. Our first calendar completely blew through the roof with over 13,000 check-ins on Insta! #canwegetanamen – we can’t thank everyone enough for their continued love and support while we pursue our dreams in the health and fitness world.

It’s been an absolute pleasure and honor getting to know Shelby, and her friendship now means the world to me. In just a few months it feels like we’ve known each other forever, and still baffles me we “met” via the TIU Community + Instagram…technology is nuts! We’ve both been through so much the past year, and I feel like one of the luckiest girls in the world to have Shelby standing by me as a friend, challenge co-host, fit sis, soul sister, and TIU bestie for life! Join our TIU subgroups on Instagram to stay connected with a close-knit group of likeminded women, #TIUseashells + #ItsTheTIULife. I started #TIUseashells and Shelby started #itstheTIUlife before we even knew each other existed. It was destiny our subgroups brought us to each other eventually!

So, without further ado, meet Shelby, one of the sweetest, most encouraging, sweetest souls I know! [P.S. – It’s totally fate our names both include Shell 😉 ] #soulsisters

Kauai 093S H E L B Y 
I am a 23 year old from the beautiful Pacific North West. I own a home in Everett Washington with my boyfriend and our 2 fur kids, Zoey & Bentley.
I am a true believer in the 80/20 lifestyle
I work at the Seattle Children’s Hospital as the Lead of Health Information Management. It is so rewarding working for a greater cause.💕 I am a true believer in the 80/20 lifestyle in that you can live a healthy lifestyle and still love yourself a delicious warm gooey brownie a la mode.
Since starting my fitness journey, I’ve lost 30 pounds
My TIU journey started a over a year and 30 pounds ago. I found Karena & Katrina at the end of 2013 and after day one of the 2014 Tone It Up Love Your Body Challenge, I knew I was meant to be a TIU Girl. 💖💪  After I began to see results, I threw myself into absolutely everything Tone It Up. I created an Instagram account and started making genuine friendships. The more I was educated about this healthy fit lifestyle the more I wanted to share my experiences. So many incredible ladies started actively following my account and I was blown away by the amount of women I was inspiring without even realizing it. ❤💛
Phone (87)
Instagram @shelbysfitlife
Along with being a part of the #itstheTIUlife subgroup, I recently created another subgroup, #TIUBBGBombshells for those of us who are trying out both BBG & TIU programs! Check both out on Instagram! 💕 With that, my TIU identify began to expand into other fitness programs, and my updated handle, @shelbysfitlife, was born.
Fitness is my niche
👸 The healthy active lifestyle has become a part of my identity. I finally believe that I have found my niche. Because of TIU I have become the confident, happy, courageous woman I knew I could be. My passion for inspiring and motivating other women only grew because I knew it was all possible! Being happy and fit and healthy is achievable and I want to help other woman realize this.🙏
Having a support system is key to success
No matter what program you follow, or what stage you are in your journey, having a support system is key to success. TIU prepared me to venture out on my own fitness journey. It was my warm up and now I am educated enough to mix things up with BBG and even our own challenges! Creating the perfect plan for you is how I have found success. If something doesn’t work, change it! Don’t be afraid to live outside your comfort zone. 
“Always challenge yourself… If you don’t, you’ll never know what you are truly capable of.”
I am so excited to be pairing up with Shelley to bring you these monthly challenges! This girl is such an inspiration to me and I can’t wait to continue making this year the best it can be with her and each of you! 🎉 Remember to always challenge yourself… If you don’t, you’ll never know what you are truly capable of.💛
1456 (31)
Here’s to an amazing year, fun fit challenges and a hot bikini bod!👌👙🔥🍷
Would YOU love to be featured as a #WCW or #mamacrushMonday??
Email Shelley at

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