I’m so excited about a new MeetUp group I just created, called North County Health & Fitness on meetup.com!

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I’m a member of a few meetup groups, but my favorite experience thus far is my North County mom group, where I’ve formed incredible friendships with other San Diego mamas. Their support, love, and advice is incredible, and it feels comforting knowing I have such a wonderful group of women here for me and Tanner. I help organize play dates and come up with fun social activities for our group of moms and babies. The overall experience of being on meetup and being part of such a community has been priceless!

Because of my love for my mommy group and positive experience with meetup, with my most recent venture being healthy and fitness, I knew I wanted to start another group focusing on overall lifestyle, health, fitness, and fun social events for like-minded individuals in our area. I create Tone It Up social events for San Diego TIU girls, but wanted to expand to the greater San Diego area, focusing on North County, where most events will be planned and held.

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Our Mommy Bootcamp Series Meetup

We’re at the very beginning stages of brainstorming our health & fitness calendar, but I can’t wait to see where this goes and the partnerships & friendships that come from it.

If you live in the San Diego area and have a passion for healthy and fitness, or even if you’re just looking to learn more about those topics, we would LOVE to have you join! You don’t have to be perfect and fit to join, and please don’t be intimidated by that; ALL are welcome and encouraged; this group is about learning tips & tricks to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Health & fitness are important, but so are fun, social events, and we look forward to creating the perfect blend of both.

If you don’t live in San Diego, we would still love to have you join! We will be uploading fun tips and tricks that go beyond physical meet up gatherings you may find useful.

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Meet Natalie!

Our first official meet up event is a bootcamp series hosted by Natalie, who is AMAZING. You may wonder why I go to a bootcamp class when I run at-home and online fitness programs…moms need a break from their real life and need someone else to tell them what to do once in awhile! I’ve taken Natalie’s bootcamp classes previously and she is incredibly knowledgeable in regards to functional movements and nutrition. She provides a wealth of knowledge, and I look forward to her classes like they’re the weekend!

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View her Instagram page at @venia.life for daily tips & tricks about living a balanced healthy & fitness lifestyle with grace. She is one hot mama who’s passion will surely rub off on you!

Join us for bootcamp Tuesdays & Thursdays from 10:15-11:15 in South Carlsbad. View our meetup calendar for more details!

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Join our little meet up tribe here –


Can’t wait to meet you at a meet up and enjoy fitness & fun together in our beautiful north county, San Diego!




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