Week 6 TIU Tracker

So Mondays are apparently the new Sundays in my house…but better late than never, right?! This week I’ve added something really FUN to my weekly trackers, and I’m so excited about it!!

If you’re like me, I find this time of year I really need an extra push to stay on top of my workouts, or a little workout to earn an extra Christmas cookie. Because of that I wanted to add something quick and manageable, and start a fun 7 day series each week until Christmas is here. Sooo dun dun dunnnn –

Welcome to the 7 Days of Fitmas! I hope you follow along with me to this mini addition to the TIU weekly schedule. Each day in the row titled “#7DaysofFitmas” you’ll see a different workout move I’m challenging you to complete at fun, manageable times of the day. For example, today (Monday), I challenge you to two sets of 20 push ups; one before you eat your M2 snack, and one before you eat your M4. So a total of 40 push ups total today. Tomorrow is squats, Wednesday is lunges, etc…find the schedule below and on the tracker ready for download here.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 2.13.20 PM

7 Days of Fitmas [#7DaysofFitmas] Schedule:

  1. Monday – 40 PUSH UPS [20 push ups before M2 and 20 pushups before M4].
  2. Tuesday – 60 SQUATS [30 while you’re brushing your teeth in the AM & 30 while you’re brushing your teeth in the PM!]
  3. Wednesday – 40 LUNGES [Before you take your morning shower! 20 each leg].
  4. Thursday – 50 SIT UPS [Complete before you eat dinner! You can also break them up in two sets of 25; 25 before lunch, 25 before dinner].
  5. Friday – 50 BURPEES [Do them all at once or break them up into sets throughout your day!]
  6. Saturday – 50 MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS [Complete right when you jump out of bed! Start your weekend out with extra energy this morning!]
  7. Sunday – 60 SECOND PLANK [Do these THREE times today; complete each time before you go to the bathroom (at your own home with clean floors, of course!)].

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 12.34.04 PM

Each time you complete the daily #7DaysofFitmas challenge, check in with me on Instagram using the hashtag #7DaysofFitmas and tag me @TIU_Shelley so we can all keep each other accountable! Use this check-in photo to repost, and it’s on my Insta too if you ever need to refer back! Each day I’ll post the next move with a themed video on my TIU Insta & YouTube 😉

Ho Ho Ho! Keep spreading the Christmas cheer all week long! Click the photo above or link below to download this week’s spreadsheet 🙂


TIU Planner Week 6 HH @TIU_SHELLEY


“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.”

-Norman Vincent Peale

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