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Summer Bucket List

Summer is for adventures, staycations, memories, and warm nights. Say yes to things you normally wouldn’t, enjoy moments with friends, and get out and explore with this s u m m e r    b u c k e t    l i s t x o , s h e l l e y

Grilled Cinnamon Pineapple Bites

OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS!!!!! I went to a BBQ tonight and my mind.was.blown….my tastebuds were dancing…and my waistline was thanking me. Seriously, WHERE HAS THIS IDEA BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!?! I have to start by thanking my friend, Justine,  her husband, and their sweet baby boy for having Tanner & I over tonight and …

FALLing out of Summer Parfait

Since the TIU Pumpkin Parfait took over my breakfast tastebuds, I decided to try another parfait this morning. The morning parfait is something so simple, yet I always forget about it! Probably because I’m a smoothie and acai berry bowl addict. Apples + Pumpkins = Oh my, it’s fall, ya’ll… I was grocery shopping yesterday …