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Plant-Based Protein Fav

MANITOBA HARVEST Manitoba Harvest is the world’s largest hemp food manufacturer to grow, make and sell their own line of hemp foods. From Hemp Hearts to hemp protein powders and even Hemp Heart Bites and Hemp Heart bars, Manitoba Harvest has a… Read More

Organic Peppermint Mocha

There’s nothing better on weekends than sleeping in {I  mean, I’m a mom to a toddler who is my alarm, but my mom is here visiting, so seeing the clock say 8 rather than 7 was a massive treat this morning…thanks, Grandma!}… Read More

Organic Protein Powder Review

I’m one of K&K’s #1 fans and think everything they do is so wonderful for the #TIUCommunity. The camaraderie they’ve built between complete strangers is absolutely amazing, and as people and business women, they deserve the utmost respect in the fitness industry. I… Read More