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Happy Week 4 of TIU Love your Body Series!! Hope everyone is absolutely killinnnn it! Loving everyone’s progress so far & the uplifting notes all over Insta! We are so lucky to be part of this amazing community!

Download your weekly schedule here including Shelby & my TUMS & GUNS Challenge...eeeeeek are you guys seeing the reps climb higher and higher?! Don’t forget it’s more than okay to space our your increments! Do smaller reps and more rounds or space your reps throughout the day; remember it’s your body, so do what works for YOU! BeYOUtiful and gentle on yourself.

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It’s never too late to join in on the Tums & Guns Challenge. It may be mid-January, but start on day one and go from there; no need to ever feel behind or like #youcantsitwithus because you’re starting late…that isn’t what this challenge is about. Whether you started on January 1st, last week, yesterday, today, or plan to start tomorrow, WELCOME!!!! Go at your own pace and follow the calendar’s 31 days 🙂 We’re all here to support you! Download your 31-day guide here.

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By popular demand, I finally created a meal plan based on my daily eating habits. It’s specifically formed to incorporate all nutrients from the food pyramid, and is a guide to eating clean, lean, and green without cutting out any specific food group. A lot of moms ask how I stay in shape and “diet” as a nursing mother. Let me start by saying I’m not on a “diet;” just living a healthy lifestyle.

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My #1 biggest success tip is cut out alcohol.

Being a breastfeeding mom, my max is always one glass of champs [my drink of choice], and I only have that on special occasions or once and a while when I want to celebrate something; hitting a goal, a life event, or just a reward after a long day of mama hood. I’ve followed TIU’s 7DSD, 5DSD, Whole 30, Advocare’s 10-day calendar, 24-day challenge, Weight Watchers, sporting nutrition guidelines, and all sorts of other “diets” that incorporate one common goal; eating fresh fruits + veggies and eating clean, lean, and green. The focus on my calendar is to eat! If you’re hungry, eat! Just eat something healthy and not processed! If you’re looking for meal ideas, or somewhere to start, consider joining in our Ten Day Trim, which can be found here.

If you want to learn more about what I eat in a typical day as a breastfeeding mama to keep my supply up, check out my article here.

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